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Articles about Referrals


Residential | January 2003 
The Broker’s Corner: Targeting the Offices
Editor’s Note: The following article is an excerpt from Blair Hanson’s book, The Step By Step Guide to Creating Real Estate Agent Relationships.  It was written to train loan officers in effective tec...
By Blair Hanson, NW District Manager, Downey Wholesale

Residential | May 2004 
Assume the Close!
Do you have trouble getting a referral from a client with a loan in process?  Do you frequently hear the following: “If I hear of someone, I will let you know.  You were great!” and yet, get no refe...
By Brian L. Peart, president, Nexus Financial Group Inc.

Commercial | November 2005 
Expand Your Horizons
Interested in developing a big pipeline of steady business? In a previous issue of Scotsman Guide, I wrote about the power of augmenting your business by adding equipment financing to your portfoli...
By Joel Burroughs, branch-office-development manager, Innovative Lease Services Inc.

Commercial | November 2005 
Debunk the Bubble
Is the real estate bubble about to burst? It’s a question on the minds of many novice real estate investors — and they are turning to their mortgage brokers for answers. With so much speculation abo...
By Michelle Edwards, assistant vice president of mortgage originations, Technology Credit Union; and Courtney E. Cox, assistant vice president of marketing, Technology Credit Union

Commercial | October 2005 
A Nonbank Option
In the film Glengarry Glen Ross, Jack Lemmon plays a commercial real estate broker who is struggling to make sales. Lemmon’s troubles are magnified by a rival colleague who makes selling property se...
By Penn Ritter, co- founder, president and CEO, Business Lenders

Commercial | September 2005 
Equipment Leasing as Lead Source
Imagine developing a referral source that generates a steady stream of business for equipment leasing and commercial real estate mortgages. It’s a possible scenario that could give you an edge over ...
By Joel Burroughs, branch-office-development manager, Innovative Lease Services Inc.

Commercial | June 2005 
Close more commercial loans: 7 tactics
In my position, I constantly interact with mortgage brokers who want to increase their commercial-loan production. Some brokers are trying to find their first commercial deal, while others want to i...
By Greg Larson, business-development officer, Fairway

Residential | February 2015 
Grow Your Business in the REO Space
Profitable niches can be found everywhere in the mortgage lending business. It takes time and energy to seek out a strong niche, but once identified, it can be a good source of ongoing business. Niche...
By Amy Bergseth, vice president of operations, Exceleras LLC

Residential | December 2005 
Sales Training: 4 Myths
I believe that more than 50 percent of what people learn about sales training is wrong. This poor training contributes to our industry’s high turnover rate in the mortgage industry. Here...
By Dave Hershman, director, OriginationPro Mortgage School

Residential | December 2005 
Ways to Increase Realtor Referrals
Receiving consistent referrals from Realtors and real estate agents can be your business’s lifeline and one of the most-reliable ways to increase production. When working with real estate agents, if...
By Bliss Sawyer, president, Mortgage Marketing Strategies

Residential | September 2005 
What Happened to ‘Thank You’?
Have you ever pulled up to your local fast-food drive-through, given your order to an impersonal box voice and driven to the window only to receive your food from a smug employee — who immediately s...
By Brian S. Wallace, senior vice president, HSBC Mortgage

Residential | September 2005 
Building with Builders
Refinance markets come and go. Developing strong and consistent sources of purchase business is the key to success for loan originators. A good source for this purchase business is resid...
By Craig Peterson, vice president, Webster Bank’s National Wholesale Division

Residential | August 2005 
Teach Your Clients Well
A mortgage loan usually is the largest transaction in our clients’ lives. With that in mind, it also usually is one of the scariest. To put clients at ease, we as mortgage professionals ...
By D. Jed Wunderli, branch manager, Meridias Capital

Residential | March 2005 
Building Trust Yields Valuable Referrals
The only way to build volume strong enough to withstand any interest-rate hike or catastrophe is to get loans from your loans in process. Without these referrals, you start each month as if you are ...
By Brian L. Peart, president, Nexus Financial Group Inc.

Residential | March 2005 
Get Referrals in 7 Steps
The easiest lead to close is a referred lead. Unfortunately, few mortgage brokers have mastered the process. I’ve developed a simple seven-step process to obtain referrals to help develop your refe...
By Tom Hopkins, sales trainer,


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