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Articles about Referrals


Residential | November 2008 
Provide Service After the Sale
It is true that mortgage brokers' best leads are their clients. This is why many brokers' business cards have that tattered, but effective phrase on the back: "One of the greatest compliments I can ...
By Eric Johnson, senior managing director distressed-assets and receivership group, Cushman & Wakefield

Commercial | October 2008 
Q&A: Ralph Petta, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
Eighty percent of U.S. businesses use some form of equipment financing to help fund their operations, according to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA), which hosts its annual confer...
By Darrick Meneken, associate editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Residential | September 2008 
5 Ways to Reel in Realtor Referrals
Not all industry news is negative. We are getting back to the point where only the true professionals are left in the mortgage business. Thus, now is the best time to get out there and se...
By Ryan Osborne, mortgage planner, Silver Ridge Mortgage

Residential | September 2008 
Think of Clients as Referral Partners
More than anything else, mortgage professionals ask me where they can get more leads. The answer is referral selling, the least-used marketing method in our business. When you think of r...
By Dale Vermillion, president, Mortgage Champions

Commercial | June 2008 
How to Bank on Denials
Having a strong referral network can make or break a business. The phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know” drives home this idea. Ultimately, with a focused effort, a successful referral n...
By Kevin Onizuk, national wholesale manager, Strategic Funding

Residential | June 2008 
Speak Your Way to Referrals
Today’s market is challenging for real estate and mortgage professionals alike. As a broker, you must determine ways that will help you survive and close more loans. One of the best ways ...
By Tim Davis, sales and marketing speaker, coach and author, The Originators Guide

Residential | April 2008 
Keep Business Booming
The mortgage business is not for the weak-in-the-knees or for the underskilled. It takes more than a positive attitude to thrive today. A great attitude will not compensate for a lack of skills or a...
By Bill Sparkman, creator, Circle of Champions

Residential | April 2008 
5 Tips for Hosting a Seminar
Anyone who has been in the mortgage industry for even a short time has likely attended a seminar. Perhaps you’ve even let others use your office to host their seminars. But for various reasons, many...
By Ed Craine, CEO, Smith Craine Finance

Residential | March 2008 
Say Yes to Help
As mortgage professionals, we’re tested in more ways than one. Many of our products have disappeared, a number of our lenders have closed their doors and we’ve taken quite a beating from the press. ...
By Dr. Ivan Misner, founder and chairman, BNI

Residential | February 2008 
Make It a Policy to Sell
We are facing one of the most-challenging times in the history of the mortgage industry. A lack of steady business, lenders exiting the business and increased congressional scrutiny are all having a...
By Don Caiati, managing partner, Caiati Financial Services LLC

Residential | January 2008 
Past Customers = New Business
There’s a theory that it costs seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. That is, once a company has done business with a customer, it doesn’t take that much...
By Ben April, president and co-founder, Mortgage Returns

Residential | January 2008 
Track Your Relationships
Customer-relationship management (CRM) is a broad term for the tools an organization uses to manage its customers, contacts and vendors, as well as its internal and external processes. The key purpo...
By Zagros A. Bigvand, founder and CEO,

Residential | November 2009 
How to Grow Your Network
For a number of people, their first sales experience comes as a Boy Scout or Girl Scout. It often includes selling greeting cards, coupon books or cookies -- and the top salespeople typically receiv...
By Rich Randall, founding partner,

Residential | November 2009 
The Secret to Building Business in a Downturn
In the past, when the mortgage market slowed down, business often returned to mortgage brokers because of falling interest rates or past clients looking for new loans. So where are those clients now...
By Ken Taylor, president , Ken Taylor & Associates Inc.

Commercial | September 2009 
Reach Out for Referrals
While trying to refinance current and past clients, some commercial mortgage brokers have lost sight of one of the best sources for new business: referral partners. Real estate agents and builder...
By Ken Taylor, president , Ken Taylor & Associates Inc.


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