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Articles about Regulations


Commercial | November 2019 
Loosen the Ropes
In this period of divided government in Washington, D.C., the prospects of Congress further unwinding Obama-era regulations on commercial real estate lenders isn’t likely. During the Trump administrat...
By Jeff Levin, founder and president, Specialty Lending Group and Pinewood Financial

Residential | May 2019 
Dispel the Optical Illusion of Underwriting
Technology has changed virtually every aspect of the mortgage industry — for clients and professionals alike. Today, borrowers often turn to online resources to browse homes in their market, calculate...
By Francis A. Betancourt-Molina, senior vice president, Florida Capital Bank Mortgage

Commercial | May 2019 
View Cybersecurity From All Angles
It is not news that commercial mortgage brokers and lenders need to pay close attention to cybersecurity issues. Financial institutions store an immense amount of sensitive personal information ...
By Al Alper, founder and CEO, Absolute Logic; and Mark Favaloro, president, New York Association of Mortgage Brokers

Commercial | March 2019 
Surety Bonds Protect You and Your Clients
There are thousands of mortgage brokers who assist clients in acquiring commercial and residential properties throughout the country — with more professionals entering the industry each year. Although...
By Eric Weisbrot, chief marketing officer, JW Surety Bonds

Residential | March 2019 
A New HMDA Show Is Debuting at a Lender Near You
Nearly four years ago, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a rule requiring lenders to gather a greatly expanded range of data under the decades-old ...
By Jim Lochbihler, senior consultant, Wolters Kluwer

Commercial | January 2019 
Navigate the Foreign-Investment Market
Imagine you have a client with 12 acres of highly sought-after waterfront property in Barbados who wants to develop a residential high-rise building. Or maybe you have a client with an opportunity to ...
By Edwin Urrego, executive loan officer, Kennedy Funding Financial

Commercial | December 2018 
Foreign Nationals Are Good for Business
In all lending markets, knowledge and understanding are critical to the offering of a specific product or service. In some cases, the process becomes more challenging and greater insight is required, ...
By Garry Barnes, director, PW Partners Consultancy

Residential | November 2018 
Appraisers Are at a Crossroads
Home sales have steadily increased in the country in the last several years, which means there also has been an increase in the need for appraisals. All signs point to this trend continuing. To...
By James L. Murrett, president, Appraisal Institute

Residential | November 2018 
Learn From the Ghosts of the Past
A decade after the housing crisis, the resulting economic downturn and the onset of significant financial reform, the mortgage industry finds itself, once again, caught in the ebb and flow of shifting...
By Burton Embry, senior vice president of enterprise risk management, Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. (PRMI)

Commercial | November 2018 
The Large and Small of CMBS
Mortgage brokers are increasingly getting involved in helping to find financing for investment, multifamily and small-balance commercial properties as interest rates increase and th...
By Jeffrey Taylor, co-founder and executive vice president of capital-markets, Velocity Commercial Capital

Residential | October 2018 
The Asteroid is Coming for the Paper Mortgage
The paper mortgage isn’t dead quite yet, but it is heading toward life support as advances in digital technology drive change across all industries, including mortgage origination. It took a long time...
By Robert Greenberg, chief marketing officer, Patch of Land

Commercial | July 2018 
Alternative Financing Is Rising
An increasing number of commercial mortgage brokers and borrowers are looking to nonbank lenders to fund their transactions. A survey conducted by Money360 earlier this year at the 2018 Mortgage...
By Gary Bechtel, president, Money360

Commercial | July 2018 
Create Tailor-Made Loans
In the decade since the Great Recession began and left a severe impact on the financial world, commercial real estate financing has undergone many evolutionary procedural changes. At first glance, thi...
By Milton Franklin, founder and president, Commercial Mortgage Exchange Inc.

Commercial | June 2018 
Emerge With An Alternative
In the latter innings of this current economic cycle, as capitalization rates for acquisition deals are pushed down and, consequently, higher-leverage loans are in greater demand, prospective borrower...
By Bill Lanting, vice president of commercial debt originations, RealtyShares

Commercial | June 2018 
Alternative Lenders Can Be Your Secret to Success
The compliance costs associated with the Dodd-Frank Act, the Patriot Act, the Federal Reserve’s Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review and other regulatory constraints are high. Those costs, combin...
By Creighton C. Bildstein, principal, PlattPointe Capital


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