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Articles about Regulations


Commercial | February 2008 
Hidden Problems, Nasty Consequences
A site in New Jersey tainted by an adjacent property’s oil spill. A Florida building constructed near a former bombing range. A Texas property built on a former oil-and-gas field with elevated level...
By Derek Ezovski, president and CEO, Outsourced Risk Management Solutions (ORMS) LLC

Residential | December 2009 
Inside the Regulation Z Maze
As the calendar turns, mortgage brokers put to rest one of the most-difficult years the industry has faced. Keeping up with legislative and regulatory changes presented perhaps the biggest challenge...
By Richard Smith, loan originator, Churchill Mortgage

Residential | November 2009 
NMLS: Plusses and Minuses
As per the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008, all states must incorporate mortgage-originator licensing to national standards and participate in the Nationwide Mortgage ...
By Robin M. Gronsky, esq., owner, Gronsky Law Office

Residential | November 2009 
New-Look Origination Charges Coming Soon
Mortgage brokers will wake up on Jan. 1 to a new world of regulation. That's the date on which all brokers must start using the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD's) new good-fa...
By Richard Smith, loan originator, Churchill Mortgage

Commercial | December 2009 
Defy Defeasance Dilemmas
Borrowers looking to exit an existing real estate loan in today's market often are motivated to refinance or sell as soon as an opportunity presents itself.  This desire to lock in an exit is jus...
By Jodi Eppler, director of defeasance services, Chatham Financial

Residential | October 2009 
When State Regulators Come Knocking
The financial industry is in a state of turmoil. Daily headlines resound with the closing of more financial institutions and new bankruptcies — and questions. Amid theories of what caused this, ele...
By John L. Bley, partner, Foster Pepper PLLC; and Laura Marquez-Garrett, attorney, Foster Pepper PLLC

Residential | August 2009 
Red Flags Rule: A 3-Hour Cure
After granting an extension for compliance, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) begins enforcing the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act's (FACTA) Red Flags Rule on Aug. 1. This rule requires ...
By Brad Kelso, vice president and director of marketing and product development, Informative Research

Commercial | July 2009 
Coping with Underwriting's Return to Basics
The growth of the commercial mortgage-backed securities market in the past few years led many lenders and investors of securitized-debt obligations to mix up many different assets. They thought that e...
By Michael G. Nassy, senior vice president, National Cooperative Bank

Residential | December 2014 
Lenders in Transition
Recent guidance on mini-correspondent lenders by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has sparked much discussion in the industry about doing business as a mini-correspondent. Questions tha...
By Ginger Bell, Business development and training, Go2Training; and Jim Dunkerley, founder and president, FirstFunding

Residential | December 2014 
4 Trends in the Year Ahead
In a mortgage industry that has spent a lot of time looking back at the turbulence, tumult and tension of a few short years ago, it is refreshing to see industry professionals focusing on the future w...
By Tim Ross, CEO, Ross Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | March 2009 
From the Editor
In the past few months, it seems like President Obama has much in common with the character of Coach Taylor from NBC's "Friday Night Lights" — or for that matter, most any prep football coach in the...
By Tony Stasiek, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Residential | March 2009 
Conflicted in the Line of Duty
In the midst of the ongoing  economic crisis, government regulators continue to enact laws and regulations to right a mortgage-industry ship that has been listing dangerously. Much of this legislat...
By Douglas L. Davies, managing partner, Davies Law Group LLC; and Laura Marquez-Garrett, attorney, Foster Pepper PLLC

Residential | February 2009 
4 Keys to FHA Approval
It has been more than a year  since Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans returned to playing a major role in the mortgage industry. Today, many mortgage companies that don’t have FHA approval...
By Steven Sheasby, owner and president, Integrity Mortgage Licensing

Residential | January 2009 
Don’t Fight the Establishment -- Work with It
The increased market share  of Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans, along with government bailouts of major players in today’s financial and real estate markets, means that the federal governme...
By Joe Williams, president and CEO, ValuFinders Inc.

Residential | November 2014 
Hitting the Books for Your Big Test
In recent years, the regulatory environment for the mortgage-lending industry has dramatically changed. Much of this resulted from the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a re...
By Burton Embry, senior vice president of enterprise risk management, Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. (PRMI)


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