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Articles about Rehab Loans


Residential | September 2019 
Stop the Confusion for Investor Clients
Hard money loans and fix-and-flip loans are among the most popular financing programs for investors in single-family homes. Although they are two different products, many people both inside and ...
By Michael Mikhail, founder and CEO, Stratton Equities

Commercial | May 2019 
Escape the Wild West
Key Points Common scams in rental-property transactions ...
By Erica LaCentra, director of marketing, RCN Capital

Commercial | May 2019 
Mine the Hard Money Landscape
Commercial mortgage brokers have many choices when searching for the right loan fit. The default choice may be to seek conventional financing. Hard money is another option, but navigating ...
By Ryan Walsh, managing partner, Hard Money Bankers

Residential | December 2018 
Renovation Loans: The Next Great Niche?
Sure, you’re a mortgage originator, but what’s stopping you from helping your clients line up a loan for a new pool or helping them arrange financing to buy and completely renovate a drab old home? Or...
By Jeff Leinan, executive vice president, Plaza Home Mortgage

Commercial | March 2018 
HUD 232 Could Make Your Day
There are about 75 million people in the baby-boomer generation and about 3 million of them will reach retirement age each year for the next two decades. Many may eventually end up in a senior-housing...
By KC Peterson, vice president, Hunt Mortgage Group

Commercial | February 2018 
Take a Local Approach to Hard Money
There are a lot of options when looking to get a hard money loan for a fix-and-flip or rehab project. Commercial mortgage brokers can feel overwhelmed in knowing who to trust and where to go to find t...
By Steve Bond, president, Trius Lending Partners

Commercial | May 2017 
Play the PACE Card
  Key Points ...
By Contributing Author, Special to Scotsman Guide

Residential | March 2017 
Say Hello to Renovation Lending
The first quarter of 2017 is coming to a close, and this is proving to be dramatically different year in the mortgage industry. A massive amount of time has been devoted to discussing market uncertain...
By Damon Richardson, renovation lending specialist, REMN Wholesale

Residential | December 2016 
Variety Is the Spice of Success
It is no secret that mortgage originators need to offer a solid foundation of basic programs, including conventional loans as well as government-backed products such as U.S. Department of Agriculture,...
By Kim Newby, vice president of investor relations, product development, and specialty operations, Waterstone Mortgage Corp.

Residential | December 2016 
The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide
As the year comes to a close, it’s always a good idea to reflect on the success you had and what you could have done better. For most originators, despite dire predictions from “experts,” it was a pre...
By Carl Markman, director of national sales, REMN Wholesale

Residential | December 2016 
Renovation Lending Is on the Rise
It seems everywhere you turn these days there is another story about low housing inventory and how borrowers are having a hard time finding the homes they want. Renovation loans can help overcom...
By Ragen Cunningham, national renovation-lending manager, Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc

Residential | July 2016 
Renovation Loans Can Build New Business Avenues
Helping your clients find the home of their dreams can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare for a mortgage originator. A tight housing market means there are a limited number of properties on the market....
By Nicholas DiMilia, account executive, American Financial Resources Inc.

Residential | January 2007 
Discover the Benefits of Investor Clients
National studies show that the average homeowner buys one house every 10 years or so, and a broker can’t change this fact. But if you are concentrating all your time and effort on the average homeow...
By Bob Beckman, founder and president, Rehab Funding

Residential | March 2008 
The Fixer-Upper Advantage
Many mortgage brokers are sitting on a great niche in their local finance market that could give them an advantage over their competition. That niche is investor-rehabilitation lending. T...
By Andrew J. Niesen, founder, RBA Capital

Residential | July 2014 
Embrace the Right Tool for the Job
This year, the real estate market will feel the effects of two major influences: a long, harsh winter and the still-lingering shadow of the housing crisis. These factors are particularly noteworthy wh...
By Kevin Cloyd, president, Carrington Home Solutions LP


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