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Articles about Risk Management


Residential | July 2019 
This Detail Can Keep Your Doors Open
Hundreds of thousands of businesses open their doors each year across all types of industries. These entrepreneurs, including those in specialized professional services — such as mortgage or...
By Eric Weisbrot, chief marketing officer, JW Surety Bonds

Commercial | June 2019 
Go Ninja Against Cybercrime
Mortgage companies are a particularly desirable target for hackers and their schemes because they have money and data that hackers want. The average mortgage broker or lender collects and stores — eve...
By Jeff Bernstein, managing director, Critical Defence

Residential | June 2019 
E-mail Security Should Be a Top Priority
Origination has become one of the mortgage industry’s largest expenses. The average cost to process a loan rose to $8,611 in fourth-quarter 2018 — where historically, from 2008 to 2018, loan productio...
By Idan Udi Edry, CEO, Trustifi

Residential | May 2019 
More Than A Mirage
Too often, the common wisdom tells us the underserved market is a vast mortgage wasteland, a place filled with delinquencies and foreclosures, an arena to be avoided. The better idea, it’s argued, is ...
By Ray Brousseau, president, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC

Commercial | May 2019 
Don’t Put Your Fate in the Cards
In an era of automation and desktop underwriting, commercial mortgage brokers and their clients may be tempted to accept the value of a property as they would a deck of tarot cards. It is important to...
By Tommy Snyder, president, 1619 Capital Partners

Commercial | March 2019 
Surety Bonds Protect You and Your Clients
There are thousands of mortgage brokers who assist clients in acquiring commercial and residential properties throughout the country — with more professionals entering the industry each year. Although...
By Eric Weisbrot, chief marketing officer, JW Surety Bonds

Commercial | March 2019 
Navigate the Paper Shuffle of Financing
The United States is considered one of the largest construction markets in the world, with the construction industry serving as a major contributor to the nation’s economy. It is estima...
By Garry Barnes, director, PW Partners Consultancy

Residential | February 2019 
Remove the Compliance Burden
Mortgage originators are unique in the financial sector of the economy. In many other industries, a few huge corporations dominate the market, with smaller companies and independent professionals fill...
By Paul Dempsey, director of marketing, 360factors

Residential | November 2018 
Key Insurance Pool Needs More Than A Life Preserver
Fifty years ago, Congress created the National Flood Insurance Program in the aftermath of Hurricane Betsy, a monster storm that killed 76 people and flooded more than 164,000 homes in New Orleans. Si...
By Amy Forester Roberti, vice president of congressional relations, Independent Community Bankers of America

Residential | November 2018 
Don't Lose Your Cool When You Get Audited
You’re going to be audited. Those five words will make the hair on the back of any mortgage originator’s neck stand up. Originators know they can be audited at any time and have come to expect...
By Phil Mastin, assistant vice president and director of regulatory affairs, United Wholesale Mortgage; and Jeff Midbo, senior vice president and chief compliance officer/deputy general counsel, United Wholesale Mortgage

Commercial | November 2018 
Focus on Foreign Nationals
Most commercial mortgage brokers will not be surprised to hear that foreign nationals represent a significant market opportunity within real estate finance. Brokers may not know, however, that undocum...
By Lawrence S. Brown, CEO, Evergreen Private Finance

Commercial | October 2018 
Shadow IT Preys on Mortgage-Transaction Communications
To stay technologically protected, mortgage originators need to understand what cybersecurity threats look like within their industry. Specifically, they need to know what types of attacks are preval...
By Al Alper, founder and CEO, Absolute Logic

Commercial | September 2018 
Rising Interest Rates Signal a New Investment Climate
Historically low interest rates over the past decade have set the stage for many commercial real estate developers to easily obtain conventional financing in order to build, acquire, renovate or repos...
By Sanford Herrick, founder and managing principal, Case Real Estate Capital LLC

Residential | July 2018 
Blockchain Has Blockbuster Potential
Blockchain, the technology behind online cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, is attracting a lot of attention lately. Sierra Leone made history in March, for example, by being the first country to use b...
By James V. Luisi, chief information and chief technology officer, KeyStoneB2B

Commercial | July 2018 
The Self-Storage Niche Is a Deal Generator
E-commerce giant Amazon is a major character driving the national real estate story these days, and the self-storage sector is a major subplot in that narrative. No matter where you go in Seattle — th...
By Billy Meyer, managing director of real estate lending, Columbia Pacific Advisors


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