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Articles about Risk Management


Residential | June 2018 
The Coming Reality of the Paperless Office
Pundits have been hailing the arrival of the paperless office since computers entered the workplace. Still, completely digital mortgage enterprises remain a rarity. Even absent a fully digital m...
By Alok Bansal, managing director, Visionet Systems Inc.

Commercial | June 2018 
Add Value in Down Times
Hotels operate in a cyclical industry that is unusual with respect to more typical real estate properties. That is because hotel real estate is intertwined with an operating business. Consequently, th...
By Jay Litt, president, The Litt Group

Residential | May 2018 
Two Types of Underwriting
Underwriting is just a fancy way of saying, “What are the chances this money I am lending comes back to me and what risks are involved?” At its core, there are two different methodologies in unde...
By Ian Walsh, vice president, Hard Money Bankers LLC

Residential | May 2018 
Are You a Risk or a Reward?
Underwriters are the risk experts of the financial world. Lenders and mortgage companies rely on them to determine if a lending risk is worth taking. Mortgage loans are approved based on a combination...
By Shirleen Von Hoffmann, principal, Home Builders Edge

Residential | May 2018 
Stop Struggling With Underwriters
There is an old adage in the mortgage industry that underwriters look for ways to turn down loans. That is far from the truth. Everyone in a mortgage company — including underwriters — knows ...
By Nathan Rufty, mortgage coach and trainer, Mortgage Marketing Pros

Commercial | May 2018 
Don’t Let Property Red Flags Derail a Deal
Some commercial building owners, when seeking to sell a property, erroneously believe that any underlying structural issues with the property are issues best left for the next owner to address. Unfort...
By Jane Powell, project manager, Partner Engineering and Science Inc.

Commercial | April 2018 
Mixed-Use Deals Can Pay Dividends
Do a Google search for “mortgage for mixed use” or “getting financing for mixed-use real estate.” Guess what? Multiple items pop up on the first page, featuring lenders that will fund these types of l...
By Tyler Stone, founder and president, Capstone Financial

Commercial | April 2018 
Foster Green Investments
For commercial-property owners, investing in energy efficiency is increasingly moving from a nice-to-have perk to a must-deploy business tool. As energy costs and estimates of energy use within the U....
By Emily McLaughlin, senior associate, Institute for Market Transformation

Residential | February 2018 
The Emerging Wire-Fraud Menace
For the past few years, the favorite topics of the mortgage industry have included regulation and enforcement, the purchase market and federal interest rate hikes. During that period, howeve...
By Thomas W. Cronkright II, co-founder and CEO, Sun Title and CertifID; and Lawrence R. Duthler, president and co-owner, Sun Title

Residential | December 2017 
Is That Property Even Legal?
The topic of zoning often brings confusion to everyone involved in the origination process. Loan originators should be aware of potential problems. Questions often arise as to whether a property is le...
By Richard Garrie, chief appraiser, United States Appraisals

Residential | December 2017 
Ease the Pain of Money Laundering
  Key Points Red flags for lenders and loan servicers to watch for Very early loan payoff, especially with cash or from suspicious or unknown sourcesFirst payment defaultCash paymentsSudden payoff ...
By Jeff Kelly, vice president of governance, risk, and compliance, OnCourse Learning

Commercial | December 2017 
Assess the Self-Storage Landscape
For operators of self-storage businesses, the hurricane catastrophes that struck Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico this past August and September have become business-altering events. In the immediate af...
By Ken Schutter, executive vice president, A10 Capital

Residential | November 2017 
The Trick to Reducing Risk
What is an appraisal management company (AMC)? Simply put it is a business that oversees a network of certified, licensed appraisers and is focused on fulfilling real estate appraisal assignments on b...
By George K. Demopulos, president and chief valuations officer, Lincoln Appraisal and Settlement Services; and Christina Improta, appraisal-management specialist, Lincoln Appraisal and Settlement Services

Commercial | October 2017 
Direct Lenders Are Land-Deal Friendly
Traditional lenders, such as banks, typically consider land loans too risky to fund. Most look only at the tax returns, financial statements and creditworthiness of the borrower as well as the current...
By Mark Falzone, senior loan officer, Kennedy Funding Financial

Commercial | June 2017 
Walk the Construction-Loan Tightrope
The economic purpose of developing a property is to create value above the project’s cost. A construction loan is specialized lending that requires a comprehensive understanding of the intrinsic risks...
By Garry Barnes, director, PW Partners Consultancy


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