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Articles about Risk Management


Residential | November 2008 
Make Your Loan Files Bulletproof
Mortgage fraud is on the rise. Also on the rise are losses due to mortgage fraud. It's estimated that such losses now equal as much as $6 billion a year. One impact of these substantial f...
By Frank McKenna, co-founder and chief fraud strategist, BasePoint Analytics

Commercial | August 2008 
Threats -- and Their Top 5 Hiding Places
In the mortgage industry, when brokers and business-owners think of risk-management issues, they typically consider fraud detection and regulatory-disclosure compliance. There are many other signifi...
By Andrew J. Schell, president and managing partner, Mortgage Banking Solutions

Commercial | April 2008 
On the Lookout for Insurance Exclusions
Lending on green buildings creates an opportunity for brokers and lenders to enhance their corporate image as sustainable businesses. Other benefits of participating in the environmental movement in...
By David Dybdahl, president, American Risk Management Resources Network LLC

Residential | April 2008 
Protect Yourself from Risk
Although risk management has always been a part of the wholesale channel, it was rarely used in retail. Some brokers feared that it might slow or stifle their production, while others believed the b...
By Tisha D. Hartman, CEO, Mortgage Risk Solutions

Commercial | June 2009 
Know the Power of Pollution Protection
The increasing number of defaults and foreclosures on commercial real estate loans can leave lenders holding environmentally impaired properties. When foreclosing on commercial properties with envir...
By Debra Hausser, assistant vice president, Zurich North America Commercial

Commercial | May 2009 
Be Your Clients' Bridge over Troubled Water
Mortgage brokers, asset-managers, property-managers, landlords and tenants are all feeling the pinch from the economic climate's effect on the commercial real estate industry. But commercial mortgag...
By Tara K. Gorman, esq., shareholder, Greenberg Traurig

Commercial | May 2009 
Let's Get Physical
Seasoned mortgage brokers know that gathering as much information as possible about a transaction before it closes makes sound business sense. One major consideration is the subject property's physi...
By George Wilson, vice president, IVI International Inc.

Commercial | May 2009 
Special-Purpose Entities May Mitigate Risk
In today's market, an increasing number of mortgage borrowers are defaulting on their obligations, which is causing some lenders' portfolios to deteriorate into unprofitable and underperforming asse...
By Gary A. Horton, esq., partner, Hatch Jacobs LLC

Residential | May 2009 
How to Make Risk Management Less Risky
The term "risk management" could make many mortgage brokers a little gun-shy. Given the economic climate, everyone is a little less adventuresome these days. But the fact remains that all good brok...
By Michelle LaBrosse, founder, Cheetah Learning

Residential | May 2009 
With Risk Management, It Pays to Plan
Mortgage brokers operate in a zero-tolerance world. Investors can terminate a relationship for even the most insignificant inconsistency, and mortgage firms can refuse to commit to a deal without m...
By David A. Wind, board member, Community Home Lenders Association (CHLA); and David M. Smiles, vice president, Smiles Holdings LLC

Residential | May 2009 
Stopping Identity Theft
(ed. note: This article has been revised since appearing in the print edition of Scotsman Guide to reflect the delayed implementation date for the Red Flags Rule. On April 30, the Federal Trade Commis...
By Ted Dreyer, senior attorney, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

Residential | March 2009 
Bringing Stability Back
A record number of U.S. homeowners are now either behind on their mortgage payments or facing foreclosure. Credit is extremely tight, sales are down, and consumers worry about their jobs and their f...
By Mark Goldhaber, senior vice president, affordable housing and government business development, Genworth Financial Inc.’s U.S. mortgage-insurance business

Residential | June 2014 
Social Media Risks and Rewards
Smart businesses have always recognized that they need to be where their customers expect to find them. When it was clear that social media was here to stay, many mortgage companies created a social m...
By Janet E. Church, co-founder, Brandle Inc.; and Chip Roberson, founder and CEO, Brandle Inc.

Residential | June 2014 
Take Calculated Steps Toward Banking
For a multitude of reasons, many mortgage brokers nationwide are taking the plunge into mortgage banking. As mini-correspondent lenders, these emerging bankers face a different set of regulatory guide...
By Ken Jones, senior vice president, mortgage banking and warehousing lending, First Guaranty Mortgage Corp.

Residential | April 2014 
Go Low to Find New Treasures
Based on recent economic indicators, the U.S. economy appears to be on a slow, but uneven, road to recovery. Segments of the job market are picking up, but the overall employment picture remains les...
By Rey Maninang, senior vice president and national sales director, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC


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