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Articles about Security


Residential | March 2011 
How to I.D. Identity Theft
Identity theft has become an epidemic in this country, negatively impacting almost all parts of our economy — from lenders to retailers to consumers. According to a recent identity-fraud survey report...
By Anthony Dublino, vice president of group sales, Entrust America

Residential | January 2011 
Don't Just Peek at Loan Purpose
Now more than ever, mortgage brokers and loan originators must know if the loans they originate are for business or consumer purposes. Discovering and documenting this information can help you determi...
By Lorene Randich, vice president, loan production, Redwood Mortgage

Residential | January 2011 
How to Provide Security and Compliance Online
Secure online loan applications represent a huge step toward ensuring compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Truth in Lending Act. Not only do they eliminate concerns about misplaced or mi...
By Jason MacKinnon, product manager, a la mode

Residential | July 2012 
Don’t Let Your Guard Down
With a wealth of personal and financial information stored in electronic formats every day, the stakes are high for all financial institutions — including mortgage brokers and bankers. In the event of...
By Tim LeMarbre, claims consultant, Bankers Insurance Service

Commercial | February 2013 
Know Your Borrower
Commercial mortgage brokers are aware that a host of factors influences a lender’s decision on whether or not to extend a loan. And one of the most critical points is the perceived image of a borrower...
By Igor Zhizhin, president, American Street Capital LLC


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