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Articles about Specialty Lending


Residential | February 2019 
Learn the Art of Specialty Lending
From every angle, 2018 was a challenging year for the mortgage  industry. This past October, mortgage-application activity dropped  to its lowest level since December 2014 as interest rates reached an...
By Laura Brandao, president, American Financial Resources

Residential | November 2018 
Gig-Economy Workers Deserve Another Look
The gig economy — with its free-lancers, contractors and self-employed workers — is upon us. It’s a career choice embraced by a growing number of people. While these workers are making up a larger sli...
By Tom Hutchens, executive vice president of production, Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions

Commercial | November 2018 
Focus on Foreign Nationals
Most commercial mortgage brokers will not be surprised to hear that foreign nationals represent a significant market opportunity within real estate finance. Brokers may not know, however, that undocum...
By Lawrence S. Brown, CEO, Evergreen Private Finance

Residential | December 2016 
Variety Is the Spice of Success
It is no secret that mortgage originators need to offer a solid foundation of basic programs, including conventional loans as well as government-backed products such as U.S. Department of Agriculture,...
By Kim Newby, vice president of investor relations, product development, and specialty operations, Waterstone Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | October 2016 
The Slow and Steady Advance of Technology
Key Points Loan-origination technology Computer-based advances have helped create a large second...
By Kellen Jones, CEO and co-founder, FundingDatabase

Commercial | October 2016 
6 Ways to Speed Up Funding
Although the steps involved in funding approval are similar for most commercial real estate mortgages, the amount of time it takes to close can vary among loans by weeks, or even months. The fastest r...
By Corey Fueston, account manager, Civic Financial Services

Commercial | September 2016 
Stabilizing Assets With Turnaround Capital
Heading into the fourth quarter of 2016, commercial mortgage lenders should see a steady velocity of deals as the demand for U.S. commercial real estate shows little sign of abating. For the lender, r...
By Sanford Herrick, founder and managing principal, Case Real Estate Capital LLC

Commercial | May 2016 
A Second Look at Section 8
Apartments rented under the federal government’s Section 8 Rental Certificate low-income housing program are often stigmatized, as are the landlords who own them. But for owners who maintain and manag...
By Tim Leber, origination analyst, Colony American Finance

Residential | April 2016 
Make a Smart-Money Pick
In the world of real estate investment, there are essentially two types of investors: Some prefer to buy and hold properties as rentals, and others are more interested in fix-an...
By Brandon Hammermeister, vice president, Center Street Lending Corp.

Commercial | April 2016 
Fannie Mae Loan Programs Promote Green Living
Originators working with borrowers interested in funding energy-efficient multifamily buildings should become familiar with a couple of Fannie Mae-sponsored programs that promote reductions in energy ...
By Katie Plett, vice president and relationship manager, HomeStreet Bank

Commercial | April 2016 
Stitched With Small Lending
Just as small commercial projects are the thread of thriving communities, the small-balance loans that fund them are excellent material to supplement a healthy origination business. Commercial a...
By Ryan Boyle, commercial account executive, APEX Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | March 2016 
Small-Business Loans Make Sense
In 2012, there were about 28.1 million real estate investors in the United States. As of the end of first-quarter 2013, the Federal Registration of Mortgage Loan Originators listed 394,000 registered ...
By Noah Grayson, president and founder, South End Capital Corp. (SECC)

Commercial | March 2016 
What’s in Your Lending Mix?
A  direct lender’s decision on whether to fund a loan is based on a few limited and straightforward factors, primarily related to loan-to-value (LTV) ratios and debt-service-coverage ratios (DSCR). Th...
By Jerry Sager, senior managing director, First National

Commercial | March 2016 
An Unfiltered View of CMBS Investments Is Hard to Find
Remember the days before selfies and easy photo editing, when a picture of you captured you, as you were at that moment? No retakes, no manipulation, no filters, but a raw picture that included your s...
By Ann Hambly, founder and CEO, 1st Service Solutions

Commercial | September 2008 
A Special Challenge
The softening economy and tightening underwriting practices at many commercial lenders create challenges for brokers trying to place unconventional or specialized-property loans. Given th...
By Jerry Sager, senior managing director, First National


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