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Articles about Underwriting


Commercial | November 2019 
Underwriting the Upside of Coworking
Definition Coworking Coworking provides space for people who are self-...
By Itay Banayan, vice president of real estate, Mindspace

Residential | October 2019 
Endeavor To Go Deeper with Technology
Key Points Use technology to improve the borrower experience ...
By Luke Johnson, CEO, Neat Capital

Residential | September 2019 
This Change Paves the Way for Millennial Homebuyers
Earlier this year, government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae deployed new technology designed to automate the underwriting process for borrowers who are self-employed or who h...
By Adam Roseman, CEO, Steady

Residential | July 2019 
Underwriting Moves the Story Forward
Think of a mortgage as a story, one that outlines how a borrower achieves his or her individual goal of homeownership. In many ways, the contents of a loan file provide the details of t...
By Eric Webb, assistant vice president of underwriting, Churchill Mortgage

Residential | May 2019 
Dispel the Optical Illusion of Underwriting
Technology has changed virtually every aspect of the mortgage industry — for clients and professionals alike. Today, borrowers often turn to online resources to browse homes in their market, calculate...
By Francis A. Betancourt-Molina, senior vice president, Florida Capital Bank Mortgage

Residential | May 2019 
More Than A Mirage
Too often, the common wisdom tells us the underserved market is a vast mortgage wasteland, a place filled with delinquencies and foreclosures, an arena to be avoided. The better idea, it’s argued, is ...
By Ray Brousseau, president, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC

Residential | May 2019 
Nonprime Loans Can Expand the Client Pool
Definition ...
By Ryan Kelley, founder, The Home Loan Expert, LLC.

Commercial | May 2019 
Escape the Wild West
Key Points Common scams in rental-property transactions ...
By Erica LaCentra, director of marketing, RCN Capital

Commercial | May 2019 
Don’t Put Your Fate in the Cards
In an era of automation and desktop underwriting, commercial mortgage brokers and their clients may be tempted to accept the value of a property as they would a deck of tarot cards. It is important to...
By Tommy Snyder, president, 1619 Capital Partners

Commercial | May 2019 
Mine the Hard Money Landscape
Commercial mortgage brokers have many choices when searching for the right loan fit. The default choice may be to seek conventional financing. Hard money is another option, but navigating ...
By Ryan Walsh, managing partner, Hard Money Bankers

Commercial | April 2019 
Get a Grip on Your Loan
Construction-loan financing is truly unique, multifaceted, never cookie cutter and contains many risks lenders do not face when offering more traditional commercial mortgage loans. The tasks involved ...
By Garry Barnes, director, PW Partners Consultancy

Commercial | April 2019 
Keep Your Eyes on the Stars
With 2018 in the history books, it’s a good time to reflect on the hospitality sector and consider the realities in the marketplace. Commercial mortgage brokers and lenders can use the beginning...
By Jay Litt, president, The Litt Group

Residential | April 2019 
Escape the Processing Quagmire
Key Points What third-party processors can do to help originators ...
By Suzanne Okun, president, Premier Processing LLC

Commercial | March 2019 
Navigate the Paper Shuffle of Financing
The United States is considered one of the largest construction markets in the world, with the construction industry serving as a major contributor to the nation’s economy. It is estima...
By Garry Barnes, director, PW Partners Consultancy

Residential | November 2018 
Gig-Economy Workers Deserve Another Look
The gig economy — with its free-lancers, contractors and self-employed workers — is upon us. It’s a career choice embraced by a growing number of people. While these workers are making up a larger sli...
By Tom Hutchens, executive vice president of production, Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions


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