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Articles about Underwriting


Residential | January 2013 
Learn to Think Like an Underwriter
An underwriter has an important role in the mortgage industry, and it carries a heavy responsibility. Underwriters must determine if the borrower has a reasonable ability to repay the loan and if the ...
By Sharmen Lane, senior instructor, Loan Officer School

Residential | January 2013 
Will Your Loans Withstand Forensic Due Diligence?
Over the past several years, the mortgage meltdown has given rise to a new risk-management landscape. Mortgage quality control that historically has taken place in specially designated operations cent...
By Cindi Dixon, CEO, Mela Capital Group

Residential | January 2013 
Taming the Four C’s
The aftermath of the mortgage crisis has created an explosion in demand for cautious underwriting, with banks and lenders requiring more efficient and effective document review and management. Althoug...
By Judy Wheatley, senior vice president of compliance, Indecomm Global Services


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