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Articles about Underwriting


Commercial | June 2017 
Fintech Is Bridging the Gap
The traditional commercial real estate loan underwriting process is less than efficient. The strict operating guidelines imposed on banks through regulations such as the Dodd-Frank Act and the Basel I...
By Evan Gentry, CEO and founder, Money360

Commercial | June 2017 
Walk the Construction-Loan Tightrope
The economic purpose of developing a property is to create value above the project’s cost. A construction loan is specialized lending that requires a comprehensive understanding of the intrinsic risks...
By Garry Barnes, director, PW Partners Consultancy

Residential | May 2017 
The Dream Team
When it comes to reviewing a loan application, nothing short of exceptional teamwork can ensure prompt turnaround times. For many underwriters, this means they must maintain a strong, transparent and ...
By Craig Robertson, vice president of underwriting, Waterstone Mortgage Corp.

Residential | May 2017 
Underwriting Reverse Mortgages
Reverse mortgages, or Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs), were often seen as loans of last resort in the past. Recent developments in HECMS, however, have helped transform them into a helpful an...
By Yanni Raz, CEO, HML Investments

Residential | May 2017 
Smaller Is Mightier
Millennials have had a complicated relationship with homeownership. They are the nation’s largest living generation with a population of approximately 75 million, but the homeownership rate ...
By Esther Phillips, senior vice president, Key Mortgage Services Inc.

Residential | May 2017 
Avoiding Underwriting Pitfalls
It’s an all too common scenario in the mortgage process: A borrower has filed the required documents and feels confident moving forward with the loan, until that borrower is suddenly hit with a ...
By John Pataky, executive vice president, EverBank

Residential | May 2017 
The Divine Promise of Paperless
The introduction of Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty initiative this past October provided what Fannie Mae Chief Executive Officer Timothy J. Mayopoulos described in a press release as “a major step forwa...
By Seth Kronemeyer, vice president and vertical-marketing leader, Equifax Mortgage Services

Residential | May 2017 
Navigating Red Flags
The valuation industry will always involve a human element. Whether it is an experienced appraiser taking note of the physical condition of a roof or a mortgage originator diving into the materiality ...
By Richard Garrie, chief appraiser, United States Appraisals

Residential | May 2017 
Painting a Full Credit Picture
Helping borrowers purchase the home of their dreams or refinance their existing home often comes down to their credit score. Ads and articles all talk about the importance of credit scores for o...
By Carla Blazek, underwriting manager, Inlanta Mortgage

Commercial | May 2017 
Trust Builds Bridges in Underwriting
The mortgage underwriting process includes a variety of steps, such as verification of the borrower’s financial representations, obtaining an appraisal from an experienced appraiser and, of course, le...
By Jerry Sager, senior managing director, First National

Commercial | May 2017 
Close the Deal With a Little Help
Small-balance bridge lending in the commercial real estate market exists in a sort of parallel universe to the world of large institutional real estate finance. “Small-balance” is generally defined as...
By Jan B. Brzeski, managing director and chief investment officer, Arixa Capital Advisors LLC and Crosswind Financial

Residential | April 2017 
Collaboration Requires a Heavy Lift
It’s transition time in Washington as the change in leadership in the nation’s capital brings the potential for changes in regulations, particularly as they relate to housing finance. Republican...
By Paul Clifford, president, Simplifile

Residential | March 2017 
The Case for Underwriting Technology
The TRID consumer-disclosure rules have been in effect for more than a year and no longer dominate industry headlines. Still, the effect that TRID has had on loan-production costs and time to close co...
By Greg Marek, chief marketing officer, Capsilon Corp.

Residential | February 2017 
Mortgages Enter the 21st Century
AmeriCatalyst, a peer-to-peer think tank focused on the housing ecosystem, held its annual gathering in Austin, Texas, this past October. The topic was Fast Forward: What Happens Next in Housing Finan...
By Ann Fulmer, president, Paladin Advisory Services LLC

Residential | January 2017 
Opening the Box on DU 10.0
For more than 20 years, Desktop Underwriter (DU) has been the automated-software program used to qualify borrowers for loans deliverable to Fannie Mae. After a launch this past June, the most recent i...
By Chad Kusner, president, CRR Consulting and Credit Repair Resources LLC


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