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Articles about New York


Commercial | April 2017 
New York Tech Regs May Spread
The state of New York adopted a cutting-edge set of cybersecurity-compliance requirements in the waning days of 2016 that apply to any organization that reports to its Department of Financial Services...
By Al Alper, founder and CEO, Absolute Logic

Commercial | September 2008 
Helping Hands: Metro Funding Corp.
Name Ilan Ferdman, senior managing director, and employees, Metro Funding Corp. Project Sponsoring “We’re All Children at Heart” fundraiser for Love Our Children USA Site New ...
By Jennifer Landree, freelance writer, Scotsman Guide Media

Residential | December 2014 
Spotlight: New York

By Will McDermott, managing editor, Ask a Lender

Commercial | December 2014 
Spotlight: New York

By Kurt Stephan, editor, Scotsman Guide Media

Commercial | December 2013 
Building Multifamily on a Budget
Commercial mortgage brokers typically try to find ways not only to make sure that their clients are getting into viable investments, but also to get clients the best possible returns on their investme...
By Richard Bassuk, founder and president, The Bassuk Organization; and Matthew G. Klauer, director, Greystone Bassuk




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