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Articles about Commercial Lending


Commercial | July 2017 
Navigate the GSE Highway
Since the Great Recession ended in 2009, no other market players have had a greater impact on the multifamily lending industry than Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As of this past May, Fannie and Freddie ...
By Igor Zhizhin, president, American Street Capital LLC

Commercial | February 2017 
Tell Your Client's Loan Story
Borrowers are more than pieces of paper, yet it seems they are often reduced to just that during the lending process. Some lenders, however, have the leeway to look beyond what is on the pages in fron...
By Ryan Boyle, commercial account executive, APEX Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | March 2009 
Give Small-Balance Clients Big Choices
As the commercial market maintains some momentum, new brokers continue to enter the field. Often, these brokers start with clients who seek small commercial projects instead of large-scale developme...
By Joy Hunner, executive vice president of GEM Commercial Lending, Golden Equity Mortgage Corp.

Commercial | August 2013 
Factor for Funding
The Great Recession has had an impact on virtually every business across the nation. Hit particularly hard were the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) — the companies that many economists often...
By David Kocharhook, vice president of sales, 1st PMF Bancorp

Commercial | July 2013 
Make a Bigger Splash With Smaller Loans
In the aftermath of the financial crisis, many lenders were forced to exit the market. The impact hasn’t been even, however. Although larger conventional lenders mostly survived, smaller lenders have ...
By Anita Huedepohl, founder and CEO, Liberty Funding

Commercial | July 2013 
Mind the Changing Role of Community Banks
Small community banks that  have long been the lifeblood of small businesses across the United States are facing trying times. Recent banking regulations spurred by the 2008 financial crisis are ...
By Terry Robinson, founder and CEO, Genesis Capital

Commercial | January 2010 
Fannie Mae: Filtering Out the Facts
The number of qualified lenders offering long-term, low-cost executions for stabilized multifamily properties has decreased at a greater rate than the pool of available transactions. There are even-fe...
By Rick Warren, managing director, Centerline Capital Group

Commercial | March 2013 
Spot Large Rewards in Small Deals
In the commercial mortgage market, the small-loan business — despite its name — is big and potentially profitable for almost everyone involved. Many multifamily-property owners looking for financing d...
By Rick Wolf, senior managing director, Greystone Servicing Corp.




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