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Davis Paint and Bodyshop 1/4/2019 10:28:25 AM  Broker Location: NY/10314 Commercial/SC/29204
PostID: 41812     Status: Open  
Loan Info:  
Amount $460,000 
Appraised Value $725,000 
LTV 60% 
Loan Term  
Loan Amortization  
Product Type 2 Yr Fixed 
Property Type Automotive (gas station/car wash) 
Purpose Bridge loan 
Doc Type  
Borrower FICO 540 
Borrower DTI  
General Notes: .My client is a second generation owner of the business referred in the subject box. He currently has two locations the 1st is at 430 W. Beltline Blvd which was purchased in in November 2014 for 460,000 the current as is value is 725,000 mortgage balance of 433,000
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