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Cannabis retail outlet 1/7/2019 6:17:52 PM  Broker Location: CA/94583 Commercial/CA/95361
PostID: 41825     Status: Open  
Loan Info:  
Amount $455,000 
Appraised Value $700,000 
LTV 65% 
Loan Term  
Loan Amortization  
Product Type  
Property Type Retail 
Purpose Refi: Rate & Term 
Doc Type Full Doc 
Borrower FICO 640 
Borrower DTI 25 
Keywords: Retail
General Notes: New Cannabis retail outlet, looking for a longer term loan with much better rates for a longer term and better profit structure. All licenses in place.
 Replies: 2 
Name: Jim Howell Phone: 480-656-2688 1/8/2019 6:40:46 AM
Company: Freedom Capital LLC Email:  
(MMJ/Cannabis) - We are able to offer financing on these "non-bankable" Marijuana/Cannabis Use properties. Rates vary from 9% to 12% and LTV from 50% to 70%. Please send an e-mail ( or call (480-656-2688) to contact our MMJ/Cannabis Lending Director.
Name: Daniel Goldberg Phone: 619-872-6000 Ext 106 1/8/2019 4:15:16 PM
Company: Wilshire Quinn Capital Inc. Email:   Display Advertiser: page 91
If borrower is willing to consider a short term bridge loan we may have interest.
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