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A single tenant light industrial property 1/10/2019 2:37:28 PM  Broker Location: CA/91801 Commercial/TX/77581
PostID: 41849     Status: Open  
Loan Info:  
Amount $1,600,000 
Appraised Value $3,300,000 
LTV 60% 
DSCR 1.2 
Loan Term  
Loan Amortization  
Product Type 5 Yr ARM 
Property Type Single tenant building 
Purpose Refi: Cashout 
Doc Type Stated Doc 
Borrower FICO 700 
Borrower DTI  
General Notes: Free and clear; NNN lease. Purpose: cash-out for investment.
 Replies: 5 
Name: Sean Baker Phone: 818-483-1832 1/10/2019 2:48:44 PM
Company: Velocity Mortgage Capital Email:   Display Advertiser: page 25
We have a great loan product for this 3 or 8 year fixed no points call to discuss
Name: Sales Manager Phone: 800-819-4199 1/11/2019 8:01:17 AM
Company: Cherrywood Commercial Email:   Display Advertiser: page 115
Cherrywood Mortgage is a direct lender interested in this loan scenario. Please send a summary of the loan request to Alex Cruz at or you may contact him at 909.895.6638.
Name: Ralph Abbott Phone: 614-484-7060 1/11/2019 12:20:25 PM
Company: Prospera Advisory Group Email:  
We are a direct lender and interest in this deal. Please send me a summary of the loan request. I look forward reviewing the package. Thank you.
Name: Daniel Goldberg Phone: 619-872-6000 Ext 106 1/14/2019 6:09:59 PM
Company: Wilshire Quinn Capital Inc. Email:   Display Advertiser: page 91
We are interested in this loan scenario.
Name: Anthony Turdo Phone: 877-942-1033 1/15/2019 9:41:03 AM
Company: American Savings Life Insurance Co Email:   Display Advertiser: page 13
Not So Hard Money is the perfect loan for this property. We are a 60+ year old DIRECT LENDER! Please give us a call at 877-877-3655. We can discuss your needs. We can go up to 65% LTV, no minimum FICO, with rates starting at 8.99% and a term of up 1-15 years including interest only loans. We would love to close this loan for you! Please give us a call at 877-593-7577 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you! Jennette
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