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2 properties. 155k and 282k 8/13/2019 8:07:01 PM  Broker Location: TX/77076 Commercial/TX/
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General Notes: Laredo, Corpus Christi PP - $70K Rehab - $85k ARV - $211K Gross Monthly Rent - $3,250 Close date - August. This is a 5 unit building that has 3 occupied units renting at $650/month. Property needs everything. Our plan is to rehab the vacant 2 units and all the major mechanical, roof, foundation, HVAC, plumbing, electrical. Once complete we will refinance with a local bank. We have two banks in Corpus that will lend on these types of properties. Morris, Corpus Christi PP- $98K Rehab - $184K ARV - $390K Gross Monthly Rent - $6,000 Closing - ASAP, they finally cleared title and evicted the last "tenant" 3 single family houses, a huge duplex, and an old liquor store. Our plan is to rehab the 3 SF houses, convert the duplex to a triplex, and covert the store to two efficiency units. Gross rents for all 8 units should be $6,000/month. Once rehabed and rented we plan to refi.
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Name: Doug Perry Phone: 949-387-3815 8/14/2019 12:35:52 PM
Company: 5 Arch Funding Corp Email:   Display Advertiser: pages 1452
Please call for a quote, 833.500.3589, 5 Arch.
Name: Ralph Abbott Phone: 614-484-7060 8/18/2019 12:30:24 PM
Company: Prospera Advisory Group Email:  
Unfortunately, this deal does not fit our box. Send me your contact information and I will send you our loan programs.
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