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Cashout Refinance - Land 12/20/2018 1:21:10 PM  Broker Location: TX/77027 Other/Niche/TX/
PostID: 49908     Status: Closed  
Property Type Land 
Units 1 Single 
Occupancy Non-Owner Occupied 
Purpose Cash Out Refi 
FICO 720 
Doc Type Full 
Product Type  
Lien Position First 
Appraised Value:  
Loan Amt 1st:  
Loan Amt 2nd:  
LTV: 70% 
General Notes: The client own a land (free and clear). He is looking to do a cashout refinance on this land. Then use the money to build 4 separate single family resident. If you would like more information, call me at ***.***.****.
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