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Gound Up Fix & Flip 12/27/2018 11:50:06 AM  Broker Location: FL/33020 Other/Niche/CA/92373
PostID: 49914     Status: Open  
Property Type Single Family Detached 
Purpose Cash Out Refi 
Doc Type  
Product Type  
Lien Position First 
Appraised Value: $869,000 
Loan Amt 1st: $471,000 
Loan Amt 2nd:  
LTV: 54% 
Keywords: FIX & FLIP
General Notes: Fix & Flip ground up in CA, existing lien $371000 at 11%, matures 1/31/2019 . Current Value $695000, rehab 80% complete. ARV value $869,000, rehab budget $371,000, square footage being added 3,700.
 Replies: 5 
Name: Luan Nguyen Phone: 949-505-5217 12/28/2018 8:43:04 AM
Company: HomeXpress Mortgage Corp. Email:  
We can do a 1 yr prepay permanent financing, since the construction is almost over, with much better rate vs hard money. The borrower just need to keep the property for at least 6 months in this situation, does the borrower want a low payment as well during the 6 months? With us the borrower will keep the property for 12 months maximizes his profits with the lowest payment. Maybe offset the payment with short term renters? Great 2nd option? Pls call 949-505-5217 for more information or check out our programs so in case down the road you come across another situation keep me in mind.
Name: George Pencak Phone: 818-877-4295 12/28/2018 9:38:17 AM
Company: Athas Capital Group Email: Display Advertiser: pages 108126
I would like to know more information.
Name: Robert Schumacher Phone: 215-619-2575 1/3/2019 5:52:10 AM
Company: Velocity Mortgage Capital Email: Display Advertiser: page 7
possible ARV solution available
Name: Scott Vincenti Phone: 833-923-2794 1/3/2019 9:07:44 AM
Company: Civic Financial Services Email: Display Advertiser: page 132
Civic Financial Services would like to help you get this done. Contact us via phone, email, or visit our webpage for more information at
Name: James Pierce Phone: 888-297-4440 1/6/2019 4:27:20 PM
Company: FMC Lending Email:  
10 day close with fund pricing available. Give me a call or shoot me an email and lets get this started!
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