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Cash out 7 SFF+Condo 7/17/2019 10:14:14 AM  Broker Location: CA/91745 Other/Niche/00/
PostID: 50384     Status: Open  
Property Type Single Family Detached 
Units 1 Single 
Occupancy Non-Owner Occupied 
Purpose Cash Out Refi 
FICO 760 
Doc Type Full 
Product Type Non-QM, Investment 
Lien Position First 
Appraised Value: $1,202,588 
Loan Amt 1st: $841,811 
Loan Amt 2nd:  
LTV: 70% 
CLTV: 70% 
Keywords: Over FannieMae 10 mortgaged property limit
General Notes: 7 Free and clear (5 condo+2 SFR) properties seeking cash out on top of 10 mortgaged property limit. Looking cash out to buy more rentals.
 Replies: 3 
Name: Wayne Uwate Phone: 818-877-4642 7/17/2019 12:07:08 PM
Company: Athas Capital Group Email: Display Advertiser: pages 86104
Are you looking for a blanket loan? Cashing out 7 free and clear properties looks like a done deal.
Name: Scott Vincenti Phone: 833-923-2794 7/17/2019 2:27:10 PM
Company: Civic Financial Services Email: Display Advertiser: page 110
CIVIC is a direct, private money lender. We offer stated-income products and provide a streamlined closing process in 5-10 days. Let's go over details and long-term strategy to see how we can tailor our product appropriately 833-923-2794
Name: Denis Kelly Phone: 888-943-2833 7/18/2019 7:58:29 AM
Company: Sprout Mortgage Email: Display Advertiser: page 85
Sprout Mortgage can likely assist with this loan(s). Please contact us for additional information.
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