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non qm 10/9/2019 3:14:52 PM  Broker Location: FL/34761 Nonprime/FL/34787
PostID: 50573     Status: Open  
Property Type Condo 
Units 1 Single 
Occupancy Owner Occupied 
Purpose Purchase 
FICO 686 
DTI 35 
Doc Type Full 
Product Type 5/25 ARM 
Lien Position First 
Appraised Value: $820,000 
Loan Amt 1st: $738,000 
Loan Amt 2nd:  
LTV: 90% 
CLTV: 90% 
Keywords: late mtg payment
General Notes: Customer was denied for the 2nd portion of a 2 close construction jumbo loan. built a 1.7mil home, construction loan ended and due to a job change he did not qualify for the renewal. The construction loan would no longer accept monthly payments, rather needed to be paid in full.. which the customer did. however caused 2 90 day lates on credit. customer has no other blemishes on record. and has 6 months of reserves
 Replies: 2 
Name: Denis Kelly Phone: 888-943-2833 10/10/2019 8:36:10 AM
Company: Sprout Mortgage Email: Display Advertiser: page 97
It seems as though Sprout may be able to assist with this scenario. Please contact us for additional information.
Name: Christopher Connelly Phone: 301-922-5227 10/10/2019 8:44:06 AM
Company: ACC Mortgage Inc Email: Display Advertiser: page 103
ACC can do this but at 85% LTV max given the late payments. Please call me to discuss.
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