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News stories about Homeownership rates

Aug 20, 2018  17:00 ET
Low minority homeownership creates generational woes
In the second quarter, the gap widened between low homeownership rates for African Americans (41.6 percent) and Hispanics (46.6 percent), compared with the traditionally much-higher white homeowners...
Apr 27, 2018  12:30 ET
U.S. homeownership stabilizes after long decline
After sliding for more than a decade and hitting a low point in 2016, the U.S. homeownership rate appears to be on an upswing.  The overall rate stood at 64.2 percent in the first quarte...
Apr 11, 2018  13:05 ET
Study: Language barriers affect homeownership
Many studies over the years have delved into disparate homeownership rates between whites and ethnic minority groups, and new data suggests that a lack of proficiency in English may be one o...
Mar 28, 2018  10:40 ET
Blog: Builders map minority homeownership
Persistent low homeownership rates among minorities, particularly black households, has drawn quite a bit of attention this past year. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is the latest...
Mar 16, 2018  14:20 ET
Millennials are flexing their homebuying muscles
Millennials have long been called the next wave of homebuyers. Recent data indicates their time has come. Millennials, or people between the ages of 19 and 37, were the most active gener...
Feb 28, 2018  11:50 ET
Low black homeownership is a national tragedy
Almost all analysts agree that the wide gap between the black and white homeowership rates is a serious problem. African-American homeownership remains near the level it was during the Jim Crow er...
Nov 1, 2017  10:00 ET
U.S. homeownership rate moves up slowly
The U.S. homeownership rates have inched off of 50-year lows this year, but remain well below what some housing groups believe is healthy.  The unadjusted U.S. homeownership rate stood at 63.9 pe...
Oct 20, 2017  10:45 ET
Home sales reverse course in September
U.S. existing-home sales made a surprising monthly gain in September after falling the previous three months and after sustaining a market shock from two back-to-back hurricanes in the South region....
Mar 1, 2017  9:40 ET
Black homeownership falls to 50-year low
After fair housing legislation was passed in 1968 during the Civil Rights era, the black homeowership rate increased for 30 years and reached nearly 50 percent in 2004, but all those gains have been...
Sep 15, 2016  9:05 ET
Homebuyer sentiment dims with rising prices
Although the economy has added on average 180,000 jobs per month and home sales have been strong so far this year, homebuyers and renters grew more pessimistic about their prospects for buying homes ...
Aug 12, 2016  11:45 ET
Homeownership hits 50-year low
The U.S. homeownership rate has resumed its puzzling decline. Despite two years of strong monthly job gains and solid home sales at a pace of 5.5 million annually, the homeownership rate f...
Apr 28, 2016  15:15 ET
Nation's homeownership rate drops to near 50-year low
The U.S. homeownership rate fell back to one of the lowest levels in 50 years this past first quarter, after posting gains for two consecutive quarters. Homeownership stood at 63.5 perce...
Mar 18, 2016  13:05 ET
Revising credit-scoring models is key to boosting minority homeownership, industry expert says
Over the past year, the Hispanic-homeownership rate posted the largest increase in a decade, jumping 2.2 percentage points, to 46.7 percent, according to a report from the National Association of Hi...
Aug 5, 2015  16:15 ET
The puzzling case of the declining homeownership rate
The share of Americans who own homes, at 63.4 percent, is now at the lowest level in nearly 50 years, the U.S. Census Bureau reported last month. But while the homeownership rate has been ...
Mar 26, 2014  17:00 ET
RealtyTrac: Tight supply dampens U.S. home sales
 Home-sale activity dropped for the fourth consecutive month and decreased in 31 states. But don't blame the weather, according to RealtyTrac.  Fewer institutional investors are snapping up homes ...

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