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News stories about Millennials

Jul 16, 2018  17:50 ET
AEI: First-time homebuyers are still in the game
Loan data from the Washington, D.C.-think tank the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) suggests that first-time buyers — which include most younger millennial buyers — have been purchasing homes at ...
Jul 5, 2018  17:10 ET
Blog: Prices lock millennials out of homes
Freddie Mac recently presented a theory as to why the homeownership rates for younger Americans aren’t what they once were: Higher home prices have been far and away the primary factor locking peopl...
Mar 19, 2018  12:50 ET
Millennial homebuyers are in ascendance
Data suggests that millennials, or people between the ages of 18 to 37, are now the largest class of active homebuyers. Joe Tyrrell, executive vice president for corporate strategy at Ellie Mae, dis...
Mar 16, 2018  14:20 ET
Millennials are flexing their homebuying muscles
Millennials have long been called the next wave of homebuyers. Recent data indicates their time has come. Millennials, or people between the ages of 19 and 37, were the most active gener...
Aug 16, 2016  13:35 ET
Baby boomers still dominate the housing market
The post-war baby-boomer generation continues to be a force in the U.S. housing market, but tends to garner far less attention than the younger generations. According to a recent Freddie Mac stu...
Jun 29, 2016  12:00 ET
Millennials face housing-independence hurdle
Only 9 percent of millennials nationwide live alone, a figure that has been on the decline since 2005, a new Zillow analysis shows. In fact, between 2000 and 2013, the percentag...
Jun 3, 2016  12:15 ET
Lenders need to engage millennials on their terms, Ellie Mae executive says
Ellie Mae recently rolled out a new data tracker that specifically gathers information on the homebuying habits of millennial-generation buyers. Joe Tyrrell, executive vice president of corporate st...
Apr 21, 2016  10:50 ET
Two new studies paint differing portraits of first-time homebuyer activity
Two recent housing-market reports draw opposite conclusions about the participation rate of first-time homebuyers — a group considered key to the continued recovery of the housing and mortgage marke...
Mar 25, 2016  12:05 ET
More Americans planning moves, but a majority will rent, survey finds
More Americans expect to relocate in 2016, compared to last year, but a larger percentage of them also plan to rent versus purchase a home, the most recent American Express Spending & Savings T...
Dec 16, 2015  12:00 ET
Apartment-building boom catering to wealthier renters, Harvard study finds
During the recent construction boom in apartments, developers have tended to build upper-end apartments in high-cost cities. That’s because these projects are more profitable, but it also is being dri...

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