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News stories about TILA-RESPA

Jul 7, 2017  14:00 ET
CFPB releases TRID rule changes
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has finalized several revisions to TRID, the 2015 mortgage disclosure rule that changed the way that the lenders disclose the costs of mortgages to borr...
Oct 27, 2016  10:30 ET
TRID pushes mortgage industry into tech age
The mortgage industry a year ago was grappling with a new set of consumer-protection regulations called TRID (also known as the Know Before You Owe rule), which went live in October 2015. Now the Co...
Aug 5, 2016  15:35 ET
TRID woes are still weighing on secondary market
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently announced several adjustments to the TRID consumer-disclosure rules governing the mortgage-approval process, but declined to make the big chang...
Jul 29, 2016  16:10 ET
CFPB proposes TRID cleanups
The government’s consumer watchdog proposed cleanups to the TRID rule on July 29. The Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPB) has proposed changes that touch on four major areas in the...
May 6, 2016  14:35 ET
TRID problems on secondary market won't soon go away, expert says
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray in April signaled that the bureau planned to engage in formal rule-making to clarify ambiguities in the consumer-protection r...
Apr 28, 2016  17:00 ET
CFPB agrees to a TRID rewrite to provide clarity
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has agreed to rewrite a portion of the TRID consumer-disclosure rule to provide greater clarity for the mortgage industry. In a letter to...
Apr 13, 2016  11:20 ET
TRID errors present little risk to investors, Morningstar says
A recent wave of TRID-related errors in loans shouldn’t impact the risk rating of future mortgage-backed securities, says Morningstar Credit Ratings. In a report, Morningstar said only a...
Mar 22, 2016  16:25 ET
Closing times fall back in February, Ellie Mae reports
The average time to close on a loan fell back in February after hitting a high in January, the loan processor Ellie Mae reported. Loan closings took an average of 46 days when both refin...
Mar 17, 2016  9:00 ET
Nonbank loan profits plummet after TRID
Loan profits for nonbanks plunged in the fourth quarter as expenses rose dramatically with the coming of TRID this past October, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported. Profits ...
Feb 22, 2016  17:20 ET
Ellie Mae: TRID continues to cause delays in closings
TRID continues to cause delays in closing mortgages. This past January, it took an average of 51 days to close on purchase mortgages, up five days from when the new consumer disclosure rules went l...
Oct 8, 2015  11:40 ET
TRID will make the eMortgage an industry standard, expert says
TRID went live on Oct. 3. Some industry analysts say one consequence of the new consumer-disclosure rules will be that paperless eMortgages will become standard in the post-TRID world. Tim Anderson, ...
Oct 7, 2015  11:35 ET
Obama administration threatens to veto temporary TRID safe harbor
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill on Wednesday to extend a grace period on TRID enforcement even as the Obama Administration threatened to veto it.   The measure,...
Oct 6, 2015  11:45 ET
Industry pushes Congress to pass temporary TRID safe harbor
The latest assurances from federal regulators that they will initially take a soft approach to enforcing the new TRID consumer-disclosure rules have not satisfied mortgage and banking trade groups. ...
Oct 5, 2015  15:50 ET
Mortgage lenders have no choice but to be TRID-ready
With the deadline for the new consumer disclosure rules known as TRID in the rearview mirror, mortgage lenders say the industry is largely ready. Lee Acree, executive vice president of th...

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