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News stories about Commercial loans

Mar 6, 2018  11:55 ET
Commercial loan delinquencies stay down
Commercial loan delinquency rates ended 2017 at or near record low levels, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Delinquency rates were largely stable in the fourth quarter...
Mar 2, 2018  15:55 ET
Realtors predict two more good years for CRE
Realtors are optimistic that the strong market for commercial properties will continue for at least another two years. The strong economy should propel demand for space that will, in tur...
Feb 22, 2018  9:05 ET
Moody's: U.S. commercial market remains stable
Major U.S. commercial property markets remained solidly in the stable range through the third quarter of last year, Moody’s Investors Service reported earlier this month. Moody’s assigne...
Feb 13, 2018  14:00 ET
MBA: Commercial originations will cool in 2018
Rising interest rates and other pressures are likely to lower commercial origination volume slightly in 2018, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). The trade group is proj...
Feb 13, 2018  14:10 ET
Commercial originations hit new peak last year
The projected dollar volume of multifamily and commercial originations in 2017 is expected to be record setting, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported. The MBA forecasts — base...
Jan 30, 2018  8:45 ET
Industrial properties yield solid 2017 returns
Driven by an insatiable need for warehouse space by Amazon and other online retailers, industrial properties were far and away the top performer for companies last year, according to the National Co...
Jan 29, 2018  14:50 ET
CMBS payoff rates bounce back
Payoff rates for loans packaged into mortgage-backed securities will likely return to more normal levels following two consecutive years of weak performance, Morningstar Credit Ratings reported. ...
Jan 26, 2018  13:00 ET
Commercial property prices gaining steam
Commercial asset prices ended 2017 significantly higher than during the last boom, but sales activity continues to cool. Prices posted an aggregate annual gain of 7.1 percent in 2017, en...
Jan 12, 2018  10:50 ET
Sears closings expose millions in CMBS loans
The latest round of store closings announced by Sears Holdings Corp. will put millions of dollars in loans packaged into commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) at risk, Morningstar Credit Rati...
Jan 5, 2018  16:45 ET
Commercial lenders see mixed signs for 2018
California-based commercial lender Jan Brzeski counts himself as an optimist. As his company’s chief investment officer, however, he also has been planning for the worst-case scenario. Over the nex...
Dec 12, 2017  10:10 ET
Commercial debt hits $3.11 trillion
Commercial mortgage debt rose across all major investor classes to $3.11 trillion in the third quarter, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported. Debt outstanding jumped by $45.4 ...
Nov 9, 2017  15:55 ET
Commercial loan volume surges in Q3
Commercial property-sales transactions have been slowing down over the year, but loan-origination dollar volumes continue to boom, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported on Thursday.  Dr...
Oct 30, 2017  15:20 ET
Commercial property prices rise again
The upper end of the commercial real estate market continues to throw off mixed signals. Commercial asset prices — now generally far ahead of their peak during the last asset bubble a decade ago — r...
Oct 19, 2017  12:45 ET
Opinion: ADA lawsuits need not be the first step
By William E. Brown Among other things, the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, is designed to ensure people with disabilities have access to buildings alongside everyone else. It’s ...
Oct 2, 2017  13:50 ET
Blog: Commercial property market is plateauing
Commercial real estate analysts generally assume that market upswings must come to an end. An extended period with high asset prices, robust sales, low delinquencies, rising rents and solid occupanc...

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