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News stories about housing bubble

Jan 8, 2019  15:25 ET
AEI: Rumors of a housing slowdown are premature
The U.S. housing market was still deep into a sellers’ market near the end of last year, with prices still rising fast for entry-level homes, according to the latest tracking data from the American ...
Jan 4, 2019  8:30 ET
Zillow: U.S. housing market worth $33 trillion
The U.S. housing market has gained nearly $11 trillion in value since the low in 2012, but a third of that gain has come in California, according to Zillow. Zillow valued the residential...
Nov 27, 2018  10:40 ET
Home prices decline in several U.S. cities
Home prices fell in September in several major cities, another sign that the U.S. housing market has slowed, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index. Prices fell...
Nov 13, 2018  12:30 ET
Report: Americans are increasingly equity rich
All those years of paying down mortgages after the recession has paid off for homeowners, new tracking data suggests. As of the end of September, nearly 14.5 million property owners had b...
Nov 9, 2018  16:00 ET
Entry-level home market may be perking up
The upper end of the U.S. housing market started turning in favor of buyers months ago.Tight property inventories have eased, and several cities are seeing sales slow down and sellers cut their aski...
Oct 26, 2018  12:20 ET
Home prices accelerate in half of U.S. metros
Home-price growth continues to cool on a nationwide basis, but the story isn’t as clear-cut in individual cities. In more than half of the largest U.S. metros, including two of the nation’s most expe...
Oct 11, 2018  13:25 ET
Higher rates aren't likely to upend the market
The key 30-year mortgage rate broke through the 5 percent threshold earlier this month, faster than most analysts expected. Rates haven’t crossed that watershed mark for seven years, but what that m...
Oct 4, 2018  11:05 ET
Report: Hefty wages needed to afford homes
With rising prices and higher mortgage rates, U.S. homes have become more expensive for buyers. Just how expensive? Now, nearly a third of the U.S. population lives in a county where a h...
Oct 3, 2018  12:25 ET
Home affordability continues to decline
Mortgage rates hit seven-year highs last month, and home prices are still rising well ahead of inflation and incomes. This has stretched home affordability close to a tipping point. Hou...
Sep 27, 2018  14:10 ET
Bay area housing market loses its sizzle
One of the highest priced and once hottest markets in the country — the San Francisco Bay area — has been slowing down, according to CoreLogic. Total sales in the nine counties that comp...
Aug 14, 2018  16:00 ET
Underwater homes tick up in Q2
Higher home prices have meant that homeowners have consistently gained equity at a fast pace, and the number of homeowners owing more on their mortgages than their homes could sell for has declined...
Aug 10, 2018  14:50 ET
Industry expert: Government hampers mortgage market
Last month, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) sponsored a forum on whether the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be expanding or contracting their footpri...
Aug 2, 2018  17:20 ET
Housing headwinds put a pinch on buyers
The San Francisco-based Trulia, an online resource for homebuyers, recently published a report on renting versus buying a home that suggests the sharp rise in home values and rising mortgage interes...
Jul 31, 2018  14:10 ET
Home prices continue upward march
Home-price gains slowed down slightly in some of the nation’s hottest markets in May, but were still rising at a torrid pace far above the rate of inflation, according to the S&P Dow Jones CoreL...
Jun 26, 2018  12:00 ET
Home-price growth cools in April
U.S. home prices moved up at a slower pace in April, but are still rising solidly across most of America's largest cities. Seattle, Las Vegas and San Francisco have the hottest markets, according to t...

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