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News stories about housing bubble

May 24, 2018  12:35 ET
Existing-home sales slide in April
The U.S. housing market sent off another signal on Thursday that it is suffering from a lack homes for sale. Despite a booming economy and the traditional spring homebuying season in ful...
May 14, 2018  16:00 ET
Home prices accelerate in numerous U.S. metros
Home prices rose at an eye-popping rate in the Silicon Valley and numerous cities in the United States in the first quarter, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported on Monday. ...
May 2, 2018  10:00 ET
High-price housing markets see population exodus
In the last housing boom, as home prices moved ever higher, people got pushed out of the suburbs and into the so-called farther flung “exurbs” in search of affordable houses. The same squeeze is pla...
Mar 8, 2018  11:20 ET
Home flipping hits 11-year high in 2017
Home flipping —the business of buying, upgrading and rapidly reselling a home —  hasn’t been this busy since the last housing bubble a decade ago. An estimated 207,088 homes were flipped...
Dec 5, 2017  16:35 ET
Home prices move up again
Home prices rose again solidly in October on tight inventories and strong demand, CoreLogic reported. Prices were up 7 percent year over year, and also increased 90 basis points over the...
Nov 28, 2017  11:15 ET
Home prices accelerate in September
U.S. home prices rose at the fastest pace in three years in September, picking up steam across several major cities, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices. Case-Shiller...
Nov 7, 2017  10:15 ET
Home prices move up solidly again
Home prices made another solid annual gain in September, CoreLogic reported. Year-over-year, prices jumped up 0.9 percent from the August reading and rose 7 percent year over year, the c...
Oct 31, 2017  16:00 ET
Experts: Housing market isn't in a crash zone
Home prices continue to hit new peaks, but the overall housing market faces little or no risk of a collapse, housing analysts say. Several cities could be in a bubble, however. In a recent ...
Oct 31, 2017  13:00 ET
Home prices hit new peak
Home prices hit new records in August nationally and in several major cities, driven by low interest rates and a tight inventories, according to leading indices released this week. Natio...
Oct 24, 2017  6:15 ET
No U.S. city has overvalued home prices
Some housing economists have raised concerns about worsening affordability conditions in the housing market. Title insurer First American Financial Corp.'s chief economist, Mark Fleming, spoke with S...
Oct 9, 2017  15:35 ET
Blog: Is the U.S. housing market still affordable?
Housing analysts continue to express mixed opinions about the relative affordability of homes, but recent studies suggest that higher sales prices, higher mortgage rates and anemic wage growth have ...
Oct 3, 2017  13:00 ET
CoreLogic: Half of major home markets are overpriced
After another month of strong home price gains in August, the U.S. housing market was fast approaching a concerning threshold for affordability. Nearly half of the top 50 housing markets were “overv...
Aug 29, 2017  11:00 ET
Home prices reach new peak
Home prices hit a new peak in June and are likely to move higher in the coming months as buyers compete for a limited supply of homes, the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price index reported. ...
Jun 30, 2017  13:50 ET
U.S. market needs more homes to sell
Homes prices have never been this high, and newly listed homes are flying off the market at a record pace. So why are Realtors worried? Lawrence Yun, chief economist of the National Association of ...
Jun 27, 2017  10:50 ET
U.S. home prices hit new highs
U.S. home prices have never been higher, according to multiple indices published over the last week. The median price for a home has pushed past the peak of a decade ago — just prior to the recessio...

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