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News stories about Housing market

Jun 25, 2019  12:10 ET
Case-Shiller: Home prices slow in April
Home prices continued to cool off nationally and across most major cities during the heart of this year’s homebuying season, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices. Nati...
Jun 12, 2019  11:05 ET
Lower rates should spark home-sales rebound
Economists say sluggish home sales this spring don’t foreshadow an impending bust in the housing market. Although the recent drop in home sales and decelerating price gains indicate that few...
Jan 30, 2019  16:35 ET
Home prices will continue to slow
Home prices have been cooling off in several major cities, according to the latest S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller price indices that was released this week. CoreLogic’s Deputy Chief Economist Ralph ...
Jan 28, 2019  13:35 ET
Home prices rise in most metros
U.S. home prices increased, in real terms, by 0.8 percent in the month of November and by 15.3 percent compared to a year earlier, according to First American Corp. “Household income, mo...
Jan 25, 2019  13:45 ET
Home-price growth decelerates in major U.S. cities
Several cities saw a significant slowing in home-price appreciation in 2018, according to Zillow. In 19 of the nation’s 35 largest U.S. markets, the annual rate of home-value appreciatio...
Jan 24, 2019  12:40 ET
Remodeling spending to cool with housing slowdown
Just as with the general slowdown in the U.S. housing market, growth of the home-remodeling industry is projected to cool off in 2019, says Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies. ...
Jan 23, 2019  15:30 ET
Fannie Mae: Shutdown weakens GDP outlook
The partial government shutdown, at a record 33 days and counting as of Wednesday, has already damaged the economy, according to Fannie Mae’s chief economist. “Absolutely, it is having a...
Jan 21, 2019  14:10 ET
Lower rates boost U.S. housing market potential
The recent dip in mortgage rates has boosted the potential for home sales, according First American Corp. The U.S. residential market had the potential, as of December, to sell 6.15 mi...
Jan 15, 2019  14:15 ET
Zillow: San Jose will remain nation's hottest market
San Jose, California, is poised to remain the hottest U.S. home market in 2019 due to the continued influx of high paying jobs driven by Silicon Valley’s tech industry, according to Zillow. ...
Jan 11, 2019  14:40 ET
GSE reform could and should start now
The Milken Institute this week laid out a blueprint for the new leaders of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) to prepare the groundwork for Congress to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and e...
Jan 9, 2019  13:00 ET
Prolonged shutdown drags on mortgage industry
The partial government shutdown has begun to disrupt the mortgage and housing industries, experts say. The budget impasse entered its 19th day Wednesday with no seeming path to a resolut...
Jan 8, 2019  15:25 ET
AEI: Rumors of a housing slowdown are premature
The U.S. housing market was still deep into a sellers’ market near the end of last year, with prices still rising fast for entry-level homes, according to the latest tracking data from the American ...
Dec 27, 2018  14:00 ET
FEMA halts national flood-insurance program
Thousands of home sales and mortgage closings that hinge on a borrower’s ability to get federally-backed flood insurance may be disrupted in the wake of a surprise announcement on Wednesday by the F...
Nov 30, 2018  14:15 ET
Home sales cool in Southern California
The once-red hot Southern California housing market continues to cool off, according to CoreLogic. Home sales declined year-over-year in October for the fifth time in six months in six k...
Oct 26, 2018  12:20 ET
Home prices accelerate in half of U.S. metros
Home-price growth continues to cool on a nationwide basis, but the story isn’t as clear-cut in individual cities. In more than half of the largest U.S. metros, including two of the nation’s most expe...

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