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News stories about Cybercrime

Oct 9, 2017  13:20 ET
Experts: Equifax hack reveals systemic failures
Equifax last week revealed that the massive computer hack of its systems announced on Sept. 7 was more damaging than first revealed. Based on the new information surfacing over the past three weeks, c...
Sep 18, 2017  12:00 ET
Blog: Outrage follows the Equifax breach
The fallout from the massive data hack at Equifax continues to dominate the news. The credit reporting bureau now faces several private class-action lawsuits and probes by two federal ag...
Sep 11, 2017  16:35 ET
Equifax breach could be worst in history
The hack reported last week by Equifax will go down as one of the worst data breaches in history, and could prove to be the most damaging ever for American consumers, many security experts contend. ...
Jan 25, 2017  17:05 ET
Lenders urged to be proactive on cybersecurity
Data breaches and cyberattacks are an ongoing threat to financial institutions. Jeff Bernstein, managing director of the New York City-based information-security company T&M Protection Resources...
Jan 18, 2016  14:05 ET
Cybercriminals will increasingly target mortgage industry, security expert Jeff Bernstein says
The rising tide of cyber attacks by hackers, online criminals and international terrorists was treated as an “existential threat” to mortgage companies by panelists at the Mortgage Bankers Association...
Oct 26, 2015  17:25 ET
Data breaches threaten mortgage industry, experts say
Massive data breaches at Sony, Target and eBay, among other major companies, garnered global headlines and highlighted the worldwide threat posed by cybercrime. Mortgage companies, which...

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