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News stories about Manufactured home

Jan 22, 2019  16:50 ET
Shutdown threatens manufactured-home industry
The government shutdown hasn’t widely affected the manufactured-housing industry yet, but a prolonged closure has the potential to stop deliveries of new manufactured homes all over the country, an i...
Oct 12, 2018  9:30 ET
U.S. needs a more liquid chattel-loan market
Manufactured housing is thought to be a key part of the solution of a growing affordable-housing problem, but the financing options for consumers have always been limited. Lesli Gooch, executive vice ...
Sep 18, 2018  14:40 ET
Studies: Manufactured homes gain value
Manufactured homes have suffered from the widespread perception that, like a car or a truck, they will all fall in value. New federal data suggests that is not the case. According to the F...
Jul 3, 2018  14:45 ET
A market exists for mobile-home mortgages
Manufactured-housing owners have traditionally had fewer choices and faced high costs in financing mobile-home purchases. The Washington, D.C. think tank the Urban Institute, however, say...
Jan 4, 2018  9:25 ET
GSEs wade into chattel financing
As part of a pilot program revealed last month, the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac plan collectively to bankroll about $200 million in chattel loans backed by manu...
Dec 15, 2016  17:00 ET
GSEs could enter key markets
The government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been given the green light to invest in the low-income housing tax credits that fuel most affordable-multifamily developme...
Jan 20, 2016  9:25 ET
Loan market for manufactured-home communities remains robust
For more than two decades, it has been hard for a person to get a reasonably priced loan to buy a manufactured home. But in contrast to the high-cost and lately controversial “chattel” ...

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