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News stories about Homeownership

Jun 12, 2019  11:05 ET
Lower rates should spark home-sales rebound
Economists say sluggish home sales this spring don’t foreshadow an impending bust in the housing market. Although the recent drop in home sales and decelerating price gains indicate that few...
Feb 5, 2019  15:15 ET
Home-price gains slowest since 2012
Home prices rose at the slowest annual pace in six and a half years in December, and most major cities have dipped into sub-5 percent growth territory for the first time in several years, CoreLogic ...
Jan 7, 2019  15:05 ET
Fannie: Americans pessimistic about homebuying
Americans believe it is a bad time to buy a house, according to Fannie Mae. The net share of people who said it was a good time to buy fell to just 11 percent in December, the lowest per...
Sep 14, 2018  12:50 ET
Home-purchase market hits a plateau
Housing analysts told Scotsman Guide News this week that the U.S. housing market has hit a plateau. The latest tracking data for home-purchase mortgages appears to confirm that. Home-pur...
Aug 7, 2018  18:00 ET
Home-price growth shows signs of abating
U.S. home prices moved up yet again at quick pace in June, but there have been signs that the pace of appreciation could be finally easing somewhat. Year over year, home prices rose at an...
Jul 30, 2018  14:50 ET
U.S. homeownership climbs on millennial surge
The U.S. homeownership rate hit a four-year high in the second quarter on a surge in millennial homeownership, but the troubling low rates for black and Hispanic Americans have worsened, U.S. Censu...
Jul 5, 2018  17:10 ET
Blog: Prices lock millennials out of homes
Freddie Mac recently presented a theory as to why the homeownership rates for younger Americans aren’t what they once were: Higher home prices have been far and away the primary factor locking peopl...
Jun 25, 2018  12:25 ET
Home affordability remains a debatable question
Home prices have pushed into record territory to begin the year, but the experts still don’t agree about the relative affordability of the U.S. market for people hunting for lower-priced homes. ...
May 31, 2018  16:15 ET
Economist: Don't fret over high home prices
U.S. home prices moved even further ahead of the levels of the last market boom a decade ago, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller index. San Francisco-based economist Ralph McLaughlin, f...
Apr 27, 2018  12:30 ET
U.S. homeownership stabilizes after long decline
After sliding for more than a decade and hitting a low point in 2016, the U.S. homeownership rate appears to be on an upswing.  The overall rate stood at 64.2 percent in the first quarte...
Apr 9, 2018  13:10 ET
Tech cities excel in home equity gains per hour
It’s no secret that owning a home is a good, long-term investment, a way to accumulate wealth over the long haul. A report released by Zillow on Monday shows just how much ...
Mar 30, 2018  12:35 ET
Housing affordability is waning, report shows
The price of U.S. homes has never been higher, according to leading market indices, but analysts are not in agreement about the relative affordability of the U.S. housing market. Some say swaths of ...
Mar 28, 2018  10:40 ET
Blog: Builders map minority homeownership
Persistent low homeownership rates among minorities, particularly black households, has drawn quite a bit of attention this past year. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is the latest...
Mar 27, 2018  11:30 ET
Realtors: Homebuyer confidence declines
The economy has been doing well, according to economists. This factor alone should, in theory, make most people more confident about their ability to buy a home. But according to the mos...
Feb 23, 2018  14:35 ET
Homeownership beats renting, study shows
Renters generally are viewed as the winners and homeowners as the losers in the wake of the passage of the recent Republican tax overhaul. But a recent study by the Washington, D.C.-based...

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