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News stories about Reverse mortgage

Sep 28, 2018  14:05 ET
HUD tightens reverse-mortgage program again
The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced that it is further tightening the reverse-mortgage program to protect the insurance fund from losses.   Starting Oct. 1, FHA will requir...
Aug 30, 2018  17:10 ET
Reverse mortgages are gaining acceptance slowly
Seniors are living longer and need to stretch their retirement savings and portfolios for many decades. A body of research suggests that a reverse mortgages can help do that. Yet, despite an aging p...
Aug 29, 2017  17:00 ET
HUD raises costs on reverse mortgages
The Trump administration announced Tuesday that it was raising the premiums for most reverse mortgages and lowering the maximum amount that can be borrowed in an effort to stem the tide of losses to ...
Aug 25, 2017  16:40 ET
Reverse mortgage selling tactic draws CFPB ire
The marketing tactics of the reverse mortgage industry have once again drawn the ire of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The federal government’s consumer watchdog agency ...
Jul 11, 2017  9:10 ET
Home equity approaches record level
There is some good news for originators involved in the cash-out refinance and reverse mortgage businesses. Home equity levels approached $5 trillion to end the first quarter and should reach a record...
Mar 31, 2017  17:50 ET
Reverse-mortgage industry burnishes image
With home equity levels rising and more people reaching retirement age, reverse mortgage numbers should be booming. But they aren’t. The program, which is designed for people ages 62 year...
Sep 21, 2016  9:30 ET
Industry fears losses over reverse mortgage rule
Fearing potential losses, the reverse mortgage industry has objected to a proposed rule change that would require servicers to turn over the servicing of a reverse loan to the federal government onc...

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