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News stories about Tax reform

Feb 21, 2018  9:35 ET
More analysts are pessimistic about tax change
Housing analysts were generally more pessimistic about the five-year outlook for the housing market in the wake of last year’s tax overhaul, according to a first-quarter price survey commissioned by...
Dec 20, 2017  15:40 ET
Industry groups warm to GOP tax overhaul
The housing and mortgage lobby have warmed up to the Republican tax-overhaul bill, which cleared a final vote of the U.S. House of the Representatives on Wednesday and is now headed to the desk of P...
Dec 18, 2017  13:00 ET
Final tax bill eases cuts to housing incentives
The housing lobby scored some late victories in the final version of the Republican tax overhaul bill now steaming toward final passage before Christmas. Republican leaders have preserve...
Dec 14, 2017  9:15 ET
Moody's economist:Tax plan won't spur growth
Republican House and Senate leaders on Wednesday moved closer to reaching a deal to approve a final tax plan that will clear the way for President Donald Trump to sign  major tax legislation into la...
Dec 5, 2017  13:10 ET
Home equity tax perk slashed in GOP overhaul
It has been widely reported that the Republican tax overall will water down or eliminate popular housing incentives, such as the deductions on mortgage interest and most state and local taxes.   ...
Dec 4, 2017  11:35 ET
Senate tax overhaul draws tepid industry response
The Senate’s tax overhaul bill — which was passed after a marathon session lasting into the early morning Saturday — has so far drawn a mixed response from the housing and mortgage lobbies. ...
Nov 16, 2017  16:40 ET
U.S. House passes tax-reform bill
The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed a sweeping tax-overhaul bill that would take away several tax perks available to homeowners. The House approved H.R. 1, the “Tax Cuts ...
Nov 13, 2017  16:10 ET
Mortgage subsidies take center stage in tax debate
The future of the mortgage-interest deduction and other federal housing incentives has proven to be one of the hot spots in the debate over tax reform. But while Realtors and some industr...
Nov 10, 2017  13:55 ET
Senate tax plan garners cool industry reception
Reaction from the mortgage and housing industry to the Republican Senate tax plan unveiled Thursday has so far been subdued, although mostly critical. The Senate version of the tax-ref...
Nov 7, 2017  16:20 ET
Homebuilders press to retain mortgage tax credit
The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) plans to continue to push for a housing tax credit as a condition for dropping its complete opposition to the Republican tax bill, its chief executive...
Nov 2, 2017  12:45 ET
Housing lobby slams GOP tax plan
Two of the most powerful housing trade associations — the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) — have swiftly come out against the Republican t...
Oct 17, 2017  17:05 ET
Industry softens line on mortgage interest waiver
In its push to overhaul the federal tax code, the Trump administration has proposed nearly doubling the standard tax deduction, which would effectively nullify the mortgage interest tax deduction. ...
Oct 4, 2017  12:50 ET
Wealthiest Americans win in the GOP tax plan
Last week, Republican leaders and the Trump administration launched their campaign to overhaul the federal tax system by releasing a new framework. Joseph Rosenberg, a senior research associate with t...
May 4, 2017  14:20 ET
It is time for more details on the Trump tax plan
Last week, Trump administration officials held a news conference to unveil their tax plan. Joseph Rosenberg, a senior research associate with the Washington, D.C.-based Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Ce...
Apr 27, 2017  17:45 ET
Trump tax plan draws mixed response
The Trump tax plan released Wednesday is drawing a mixed response from the housing and mortgage industry. President Trump’s plan, which was conveyed through Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuc...

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