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News stories about Mortgage delinquencies

Nov 29, 2018  10:15 ET
Expert: California's fire risk can be managed
California’s deadly wildfires in November are forecast to cause a record amount of property damage. The Camp Fire, according to state officials, torched more than 153,000 acres and destroye...
Oct 9, 2018  12:45 ET
CoreLogic: Foreclosure rate hits 12-year low
Mortgage delinquencies fell in July and the foreclosure rate was the lowest in a dozen years, but early-stage delinquencies are expected to increase in the Carolinas and Virginia where an estimated ...
Oct 8, 2018  11:35 ET
Report: Hurricane Florence stings VA loans
Hurricane Florence wreaked massive destruction on homes in the Carolinas in September. That devastation will likely mean thousands of mortgages will fall into delinquency over the next several month...
Sep 24, 2018  14:10 ET
Delinquencies tick down in August
Mortgage loan delinquencies and foreclosure starts both declined in August, Black Knight reported. The U.S. delinquency rate fell by nine basis points to 3.52 percent in August, down fro...
Aug 16, 2018  14:45 ET
MBA: Loan delinquencies, foreclosures, remain low
Foreclosure starts on residential mortgages dropped to the lowest point in 31 years at the midway point of 2018, but mortgage delinquencies have ticked up compared to last year, the Mortgage Bankers...
Aug 15, 2018  17:25 ET
Analysts: Wildfires will be an ongoing threat
It is not yet clear what the final destructive tally will be from the wildfires burning in California and several western states, but mortgage-risk analysts say they’re fairly certain on two points...
Aug 14, 2018  11:45 ET
Delinquencies tick down in May
Mortgage delinquencies ticked down in May on a nationwide basis, but the wildfires raging in California will likely push delinquencies higher in affected areas of the Golden State, CoreLogic said. ...
Dec 12, 2017  11:45 ET
Loan delinquencies tick up in storm-affected areas
Overall mortgage delinquency trends continued to move down in September despite an uptick in late payments in storm-affected areas, CoreLogic reported. The overall delinquency rate, which...
Nov 22, 2017  12:25 ET
U.S. mortgage-delinquency rate edges upward
The national mortgage-delinquency rate increased by 4 basis points, to 4.44 percent, in October, according to Black Knight’s First Look report. The bump-up in the delinquency rate occurr...
Nov 17, 2017  11:20 ET
Loan-delinquency rate rises after hurricanes
The hurricanes that ravaged portions of Texas, the Gulf region and Puerto Rico have helped to push up loans delinquencies from historic lows. The loan-delinquency rate ran at 4.88 percen...
Oct 10, 2017  8:40 ET
Delinquencies move down again in July
Mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures generally were down year-over-year in July, CoreLogic said, The overall delinquency rate stood at 4.6 percent, down from 5.5 percent in July 2016....

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