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News stories about Housing sales

Jan 9, 2019  13:00 ET
Prolonged shutdown drags on mortgage industry
The partial government shutdown has begun to disrupt the mortgage and housing industries, experts say. The budget impasse entered its 19th day Wednesday with no seeming path to a resolut...
Jan 8, 2019  15:25 ET
AEI: Rumors of a housing slowdown are premature
The U.S. housing market was still deep into a sellers’ market near the end of last year, with prices still rising fast for entry-level homes, according to the latest tracking data from the American ...
Dec 27, 2018  14:00 ET
FEMA halts national flood-insurance program
Thousands of home sales and mortgage closings that hinge on a borrower’s ability to get federally-backed flood insurance may be disrupted in the wake of a surprise announcement on Wednesday by the F...
Nov 30, 2018  14:15 ET
Home sales cool in Southern California
The once-red hot Southern California housing market continues to cool off, according to CoreLogic. Home sales declined year-over-year in October for the fifth time in six months in six k...
Nov 28, 2018  13:45 ET
New-home sales stumble in October
New-home sales hit a more than two-year low in October, falling steeply across most regions, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Sales were on an annual pace of 544,000, the slowest rate...
Nov 9, 2018  16:00 ET
Entry-level home market may be perking up
The upper end of the U.S. housing market started turning in favor of buyers months ago.Tight property inventories have eased, and several cities are seeing sales slow down and sellers cut their aski...
Oct 19, 2018  12:00 ET
Home sales slow in September
The U.S. housing market showed more signs of slowing down in September. Existing-home sales declined to a nearly three-year low, as higher mortgage rates and a lack of affordable homes for sale kept...
Oct 11, 2018  13:25 ET
Higher rates aren't likely to upend the market
The key 30-year mortgage rate broke through the 5 percent threshold earlier this month, faster than most analysts expected. Rates haven’t crossed that watershed mark for seven years, but what that m...
Oct 3, 2018  12:25 ET
Home affordability continues to decline
Mortgage rates hit seven-year highs last month, and home prices are still rising well ahead of inflation and incomes. This has stretched home affordability close to a tipping point. Hou...
Oct 2, 2018  10:00 ET
Home-price growth slows
U.S. home price prices rose by 5.5 percent annually in August, the slowest gain in nearly two years, according to CoreLogic. CoreLogic’s national index rose by just 10 basis points over ...
Oct 1, 2018  16:10 ET
Redfin: Home sales above listed price decline
There’s another sign that the housing market may be turning: Fewer homes are selling above the listed price. Some 22.9 percent of homes sold above their asking price in the month ending ...
Sep 27, 2018  14:10 ET
Bay area housing market loses its sizzle
One of the highest priced and once hottest markets in the country — the San Francisco Bay area — has been slowing down, according to CoreLogic. Total sales in the nine counties that comp...
Sep 24, 2018  11:50 ET
First American: Homes are still affordable
The U.S. housing market remained broadly affordable in July, and will remain so even if mortgage rates hit 5 percent as predicted next year, according to the title company First American. ...
Sep 24, 2018  10:25 ET
Freddie: Housing market has stalled
The housing market has “essentially stalled” and overall home sales will likely end the year weaker than in 2017, according to Freddie Mac’s latest forecast. “The spring and summer home ...
Sep 20, 2018  11:00 ET
Downpayments rise with stiff competition for homes
With homes for sale in short supply, it’s been tough out there for would-be homebuyers competing against multiple other buyers. To sweeten offers and beat the competition, homebuyers have been shell...

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