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Originator nameCompany nameListRanking
Peter MetzMegastar Financial Corp.Top USDA Volume 201312
Benjamin EdwardsonMegaStar Financial Corp.Top USDA Volume 20126
Peter MetzMegaStar Financial Corp.Top USDA Volume 201220
John WellerMegaStar Financial Corp.Top Dollar Volume 2012234
Benjamin EdwardsonMegastar Financial Corp.Top FHA Volume 201142
John WellerMegaStar Financial Corp.Top FHA Volume 201010
John WellerMegaStar Financial Corp.Most Loans Closed 201045
John WellerMegaStar Financial Corp.Top Dollar Volume 201051
Benjamin EdwardsonMegaStar Financial Corp.Top FHA Volume 201058
Benjamin EdwardsonMegastar FinancialTop FHA Volume 200911
John WellerMegastar FinancialTop Dollar Volume 200994
John WellerMegastar FinancialMost Loans Closed 2009101

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