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Top Mortgage Lenders 2013: #1 Hard-Money Volume


Lone Oak Fund LLC


In a shifting market, Lone Oak Fund LLC set company bests this past year with more than $378 million in hard-money volume on 844 loans, an increase of more than 13 percent from 2012 despite fewer house-flippers and more complicated high-end residential deals. The Los Angeles-based company is on track for even bigger success this year, projecting more than $500 million in volume in 2014 based on its first-quarter pace. Johanna Traynor, senior loan officer, and Alexa Mizrahi, loan officer, share five core values integral to Lone Oak’s continuing success:

1. Broker relationships

Some lenders are working mostly with borrowers or they’re not loyal to their brokers, but we realize that’s where our business is coming from. We’re always loyal to them and won’t allow the borrower to circumvent them. More than 90 percent of our loans come from brokers.

2. Service and speed

We do our best to work with the broker to make sure the deal is getting done quickly and efficiently. That has a lot to do with our team. When we’re bringing someone on to the team, we’re thinking about how they’re going be able to work with our borrowers and brokers.

3. Defined niche

Because we have such a well-established niche, we can give people a quick “yes” or “no.” Brokers see a deal and say, “That’s a Lone Oak deal” — they know what we offer, rather than us saying we can do everything and then not being able to figure out if it’s a fit or not.

4. Flexibility and creativity

We try to work through every possible solution. [For example], if somebody comes to us and needs a 75 percent loan, we’ll let them know we can do 60 percent and can refer a junior lender to do the additional 15 percent.

5. Fair pricing

You have to be competitive in this market. We’re not trying to be greedy; we’re just trying to get these deals done, so we’re keeping prices low. We have flexibility to be quick and adaptable, and our fund is unleveraged, so we’re not subject to market changes. (KS)

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