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Top Originators 2010: #2 Purchase Volume

Christopher Vincent Hussain, WeFit2U Inc.
#2: 2010 Top Purchase Volume
FHA-Volume Rank: #1
2009-2010 Change: #1

In what was a strong year for refinances, WeFit2U president Christopher Vincent Hussain did most of his business — about 70 percent — in purchases.

Hussain prefers it that way, in fact. “Refinances do not tend to bring me the same joy as purchases do,” he says. “There’s no greater feeling than helping someone finalize loan docs on their new home.”

Hussain also attributes his high purchase volume to being able to close deals that others can’t. He says he makes sure he keeps up with what lenders are doing what loans — no easy task considering the frequent changes in regulations and lenders guidelines last year. “A couple of lenders changed guidelines in the middle of loans,” he says.

Those changing guidelines did hurt his closing ratio, he says, but he still closed 99 percent of his loans last year. “I take time with people,” he says. “I make sure I get an absolutely complete application.”

Hussain also doubled his number of loans closed and his total volume from 2009 — in fact, he had the largest jump in volume among Top Originators entrants.

Hussain says keeping up the pace he set last year will be even more difficult as new regulations continue to come out. “This volume is not easy,” he says.

“But I’m not selling,” he says. “I’m getting people a good deal on what they want.”

— Jennifer E. Garrett

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