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Top Originators 2010: #4 Overall Volume

Shimmy Braun, Guaranteed Rate Inc.
#4: 2010 Overall Volume
Closed-Loans Rank: #6
Refinance-Volume Rank: #5

In the past two years, Shimmy Braun has seen his total mortgage-origination volume increase by more than $100 million. The turbulent market clearly hasn’t deterred him — in 2010, the Chicago-based originator’s total volume was almost $226 million.

“The more turbulent the market has gotten, the more business I seem to do,” Braun says. “Realtors, attorneys and borrowers want a lender they can rely on and [who] has a track record to deliver. I bring that confidence to the people I work with.”

In fact, the people with whom he works are the most enjoyable aspect of his job, Braun says. He works with a wide array of clients — from first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors.

“I enjoy the personal interaction,” Braun says. “I meet the most amazing people and help them sort through one of the most-intimidating experiences of their lives. It is extremely rewarding.”

Although his origination numbers lean toward refinance loans — they comprised 75 percent of his total loan volume last year — his purchase business also was strong.

“Even with the dominant refinance numbers, I still led the Chicago lending community in my purchase-mortgage volume,” Braun says. “The reality is that I try my best to take advantage of opportunity.”

Ultimately, it’s the people factor that keeps Braun’s business going strong.

“My pipeline has always been built the same way: by treating people with honesty, patience and respect and then asking them to tell their friends, family and associates about me.”

Ivanna C. Sukkar

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