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Top Originators 2010: #3 Refinance Volume

Suren Sampat, 1st Advantage Mortgage, a Draper and Kramer Company
#3: 2010 Refinance Volume
Volume Rank: #3
Closed-Loans Rank: #4

Suren Sampat knows numbers. Before entering the mortgage industry 20 years ago, he worked as an auditor and financial controller. An originator with 1st Advantage Mortgage, he continues to work closely with financial advisers and certified public accountants to earn referrals. In fact, 100 percent of his business comes from referrals, Sampat says.

Those referrals from financial advisers can come in handy when more than 90 percent of your business is in refinances. Sampat closed more than $228 million in total loan volume this past year, of which more than $213 million was in refinance loans.

His commitment to a strong referral-based business is contingent on excellent customer service, Sampat says.

“I try to exceed a customer’s expectations from the preapproval process through any servicing questions after the loan closes,” he says. “My main thing is that my customers get the best treatment.”

Ensuring that quality service starts with him, he says. Sampat makes all initial contact with clients, and he stays in touch with them throughout the process.

“My processing staff has many years of experience, which helps to ensure a smooth process,” Sampat says. “The loan closers who work with my team also contribute to establishing a satisfied future mortgage referral.”

— Jennifer E. Garrett

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