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Top Originators 2010: #3 Most Loans Closed

Yinan Nancy Sun, Austin First Mortgage
#3: 2010 Most Loans Closed
Volume Rank: #12
Refinance-Volume Rank: #8

It is not unusual for Yinan Nancy Sun to be the mortgage broker for an entire family. She works primarily in Austin, Texas, but clients will also come from Houston and Dallas to work with her, she says.

“My customer satisfaction is very good,” she says. And satisfied customers make referrals. “That makes my life easy,” Sun says.

Although most originators wouldn’t consider closing 896 loans in 2010 “easy,” Sun credits her high loan volume to the quality referrals she receives — and volume, she says, brings more volume when those satisfied clients refer new clients.

Satisfied clients also come back when it’s time to refinance their loan, Sun says. She did more than $154 million in total refinance volume last year — more than 85 percent of her overall volume.

“I’m not greedy. The money is not that important,” Sun says. “I just help clients get a better rate.”

Her commitment to serving her customers carries through 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “I’m available,” she says — even for late-night calls from first-time homebuyers with questions.

This past year’s total of loans closed was even greater than her 2009 figure — and Sun says her business has increased every year since she started originating mortgages in 2002. She doesn’t think that trend will continue in 2011, however.

“Interest rates are getting higher,” Sun says. “This may be the first year I’m in business that my numbers go down.”

— Jennifer E. Garrett

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