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Top Originators 2011: #1 Top Volume Gain

Brian Decker, City First Mortgage
#1: 2011 Top Volume Gain
Volume Rank: #41
Refinance-Volume Rank: #17

From 2010 to 2011, Brian Decker increased his overall loan production volume by more than $80 million, the largest volume gain of anyone on the Top Originators list.

Part of that bump in volume came just from getting back in the game. “In 2009, I got recruited to work in a private-equity firm,” Decker says. He did a lot of hard-money loans, but came back to the mortgage business in 2010. The refinance boom also was partly responsible for his increase in volume. “Every month, I’ve done a little bit more than the previous month,” Decker says. “My refinance business keeps me so busy that my partner primarily handles the purchase business.”

In fact, refinances account for 99 percent of Decker’s more than $110 million in loan production from a total of 259 loans this past year. A branch manager with City First Mortgage, Decker credits his high volume to quick closings. “I’m able to finish in under three weeks, so clients refer you.”

And those referrals are key to his business. He estimates that 30 percent of his loans come from referrals. He works with primarily high-income, high-asset clients on loans between $400,000 and $700,000. “I go up as high as $2 million or more, but I don’t focus there,” Decker says.

Working with this segment of the market, he gets to meet a wide variety of people, and that’s part of what he enjoys most about being a mortgage originator. “I like the ability to meet so many people from so many different walks of life — from CEOs to doctors to athletes to firemen.”

—Jennifer E. Garrett

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