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Top Originators 2011: #1 Top Refinance Volume

Kevin Lyons, Anchor Funding Inc.
#1: 2011 Top Refinance Volume
Volume Rank: #2
Closed-Loans Rank: #4

Refinances were the name of the game for many originators in 2011, and Kevin Lyons is envisioning a similar scenario for 2012.

“It’s a strong year for refis,” he says. “The rates, in my opinion, are not going to move enough to make the market change.”

Lyons certainly knows a thing or two about refis — after closing more than $200 million worth of refi loans this past year, he ranks atop our 2011 Refinance Volume list.

With almost $211 million in total loan volume, Lyons places highly on our Top Dollar Volume rankings, as well, his third straight appearance on the list. Lyons traces that high volume and consistency back to a simple source. “Repeats and referrals,” he says. “It’s just repeats and referrals.”

As a mortgage banker, Lyons also says that he’s able to give clients much better pricing than they’d receive from larger banks and credit unions. “Our pricing is much more competitive,” he explains, “because we don’t need as much of a margin in there.”

Working in San Diego, Lyons says that environment plays a significant role in his success, in terms of his local competition and his business’s company environment. Surrounding yourself with quality originators, processors and underwriters is vital, he says.

“If you don’t have the right support structure, you’re not going to do any volume,” he adds. “You know [the idea] of being in the right place at the right time? Well, now is the right time. Make sure you’re in the right place.”

—Raymond Fleischmann

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