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Top Originators 2011: #4 Top FHA Volume

Trevor Brooks, First Mortgage Corp.
#4: 2011 Top FHA Volume
FHA-Volume Ratio: 68%
Purchase-Volume Ratio: 100%

Trevor Brooks has a special passion about Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans that made up $34,682,697 of his total volume of $51,261,393 this past year.

“FHA is what I was groomed in. It is how I started, and it was the bulk of my business in Oklahoma,” says Brooks. He moved from Oklahoma to California-based First Mortgage Corp. this past year.

It is also a matter of availability, he says. “With the limitations in the marketplace for other options, FHA has become the option for homebuyers.”

Brooks’ business is mostly driven from his company’s builder accounts that channel new prequalified clients his way. His total loan volume, therefore, was 100 percent in purchase loans — another passion that he has maintained throughout his 11 years in business.

“I always went after purchase money — always looking for buyers [and developing] a solid channel of business that will continue to send purchase loans,” he says.

With 185 total closed loans in 2011, Brooks estimates that he closed about 95 percent of the FHA loan applications he took and about 90 percent of his overall applications. That high closing ratio is helped by his focus on treating clients the way he wants to be treated. “I understand the stress of buying a property. I give straightforward, direct answers, and I don’t beat around the bush much. People respect and respond well to that,” he says.

 —Rania Oteify

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