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Top Originators 2011: #1 Most Loans Closed

Yinan Nancy Sun, Austin First Mortgage
#1: 2011 Most Loans Closed
Volume Rank: #26
Refinance-Volume Rank: #16


Honesty is at the heart of Yinan Nancy Sun’s business and, despite a tough market, business is as good as it is prolific. With 680 loans closed in 2011, Sun is making her third straight appearance in the top five of Scotsman Guide’s Most Loans Closed list.

“I’m very honest with people,” Sun says. “Whatever I promise, I will honor. I won’t charge [clients] anything more, so there are people coming back to me.”

And that’s certainly important for the Austin, Texas-based mortgage broker — repeat and referral business plays a large part in Sun’s originations. Although she closed more than $27 million in purchase volume, she also closed nearly $115 million in refinances, about 81 percent of her total volume. With that much in refis, it’s inevitable to see some familiar faces.

“I make [past clients] a priority,” she says. “If they’re coming back to me for refinances, I take care of them first. They already did one loan with me, so I think I’m obligated to help them out.”

Still, when it comes to balancing purchase loans with refis, Sun says that she likes to go with the flow of the market. And this year, the makeup of that market may be changing. In the first few months of the year, Sun has been encountering more purchases.

Regardless of her market’s composition, however, closing a high number of loans always will be critical to Sun’s business. “With the volume I do, I get better rates from the bank,” she says. “I don’t need to do a lot of money for each loan, so I can give customers a very good price.”

—Raymond Fleischmann

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