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Top Originators 2013: #2 Most Loans Closed


Nancy Sun, Austin First Mortgage
#2 Most Loans Closed
Volume Rank: #15
Number of Closed Loans: 847


The thrill of a satisfied customer never gets old for Austin First Mortgage’s Nancy Sun, even after 11 years of mortgage originating. “When people close a house, they are so happy,” she says. “They send me all kinds of gifts and talk to me about their families like I’m their best friend.”

Sun made a large number of new best friends this past year. She closed 847 loans, 490 of which being refinances exceeding $100 million in volume. Her purchase volume, more than $77 million on 357 loans closed, reflected a significant increase over 2012.

Refis made up 81 percent of her volume in 2012, but that percentage declined to about 56 percent this past year. Sun primarily credits this change to the increase in interest rates and more clients seeking purchases in the Austin, Texas, area, not a conscious effort on her part to focus more on the purchase market.

She attributes her high number of closed loans, not to mention the constant stream of repeat and referral customers, to a simple formula: hard work, great customer service and accessibility. “I’m available to meet customers at any time, especially evenings and weekends — that’s when most borrowers want to meet with me,” Sun says.

She also notes that her rapid response time, strong memory for each client’s situation, fast closes — often 10 days — and always delivering on promises are other aspects of her approach that keep customers returning.

Although her overall numbers were lower in 2013 than in 2012, Sun is not concerned, as the reasons are easy to identify. Besides the slowdown in refis, Sun says, “A big challenge right now is that we don’t have much inventory.”

Austin’s booming job market and increasing status as one the country’s most desirable locales means “many people are coming in, and houses are not being built that fast.”

— Kurt Stephan 

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