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Top Originators 2013: #1 Most Closed Loans


Paul Volpe, NOVA Home Loans
#1 Most Closed Loans
Years in Business: 15
Volume Rank: #8


This past year, Paul Volpe kept a close eye on increasing interest rates — and so did his clients.

“Refinances definitely dropped off, but there were still opportunities there,” says Volpe.

There certainly were, and despite rising interest rates, Volpe’s loan production still soared this past year. A vice president at NOVA Home Loans in Tucson, Ariz., Volpe closed 1,020 loans in 2013, enough to rank him No. 1 on our Most Loans Closed list.

Those loans added up to a volume of $208 million, nearly 54 percent of which came from purchases.

Volpe’s success with the purchase market was no accident. In 2012, refinances comprised 64 percent of his 1,254 loans, but Volpe knew that the refinance market couldn’t last forever.

“I saw the writing on the wall a couple of years ago,” he says. “I’ve been through a refinance boom in the past. You kind of lose your grasp on your bread and butter, which are your real estate agents. So, learning from the past was key [in 2013].”

That meant more marketing, more networking events and more community involvement, Volpe explains. “We made sure that we stayed in front of our competition, getting our name out there and doing more advertising,” he says. “Even when business started to shrink last year when rates went up, we didn’t stray away from our marketing plan.”

This year, Volpe is intent on continuing to improve his number of purchase loans, and if his success in the past is any indication, 2014 is set be another strong year. The key, he says, ultimately comes down to knowledge and good communication.

“If you don’t have the knowledge to clearly speak to a client or agent, you’re going to lose their trust and your credibility,” Volpe says. “Knowledge is power, and that power helps you get more business."

— Raymond Fleischmann 

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