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Top Originators 2013: #2 Top FHA Volume


Ryan Kelley, NewCastle Home Loans 
#2 Top FHA Volume
Volume Rank: #40
Volume Gain Rank: #3


Ryan Kelley is proof that an originator could have a much better year in 2013, even when times got tougher.

Although St. Louis-based Kelley says it was harder to sell loans in his Federal Housing Administration (FHA) specialty this past year, he managed to close $48.5 million in FHA volume, nearly a 36 percent increase over his 2012 FHA volume. Kelley also blew away his 2012 total volume with an 82 percent increase to reach $135.6 million. He nearly doubled his number of loan closings at 821.

Kelley says more than 41 percent of his business came from referrals from past customers. He was also aggressive in marketing on the radio and, in particular, placing ads on sports talk shows and sponsoring local sports teams.

Although Kelley remained a top originator in FHA, he says that two changes in this past year made FHA loans more expensive: the increases in required mortgage- insurance premiums; and that mortgage insurance no longer expires after a certain period of time.

Over the past four years, the refinance business accounted for almost 90 percent of Kelley’s business. By this past third quarter, he began to shift his business to the purchase side. Kelley expects half his business will be in purchases this year.

“A lot of people have been waiting to buy homes for a long time, and I see the market shifting from refinances [to] home purchase,” says Kelley. “With all the new regulations coming down, [many] lenders don’t want to, or can’t, stay in business.”

Kelley expects lower loan volumes this year. “You will see fewer lenders out there offering [FHA loans]. So people who have the right marketing message [and] the right platform are going to make a lot of money and do really well in ’14.” 

— Victor Whitman 

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